Roja 27th January 2021 Written Update: Kalpana accepted Pooja as her daughter in law

Roja 27th January 2021 Written Update on

Today episode starts with Arjun complaint to all that Anu is trying to seperate him from Annapoorna. If she belongs to this family why would she try to do this all? Annapoorna says that Anu is her grand daughter. Arjun says one day she gonna regret it.

Annapoorna says it won’t happen. She don’t know what to reply to peoples if they enquire her about Roja parents. She starts cry Arjun ask her to stop crying. Arjun, Roja and Aswin leaves from there. Aswin calls Pooja. Roja and Pooja greeted each other. Arjun teasing Pooja immittating Annapoorna. They are laughing and Pooja saying to them that she fears what gonna happen with them if the truth comes out. Roja says that Annapoorna calls Panchayat.

Pooja gets scared. Roja question her didn’t she thinked about it when she got married? Pooja replies its circumstances. Anu and Yasodha comes there so Arjun notice them and alert them. Roja hides Pooja inside the bathroom. Anu gives the biscuit to them but he deny it. Anu says to him that they are here to pray for their wedding she ask them to come here next time as couples. He replies she can come with her husband and he will bring his wife.

Yasodha ask Arjun to perform their marriage then he will get blessings but he replies its sin. Anu going to check the heater in bathroom but Pooja locked it. They lies to them that Balu is inside. They are managing the situation. But Balu is coming there Arjun notice it.

Balu coming there Roja stops him and says to him don’t go inside. Balu replies to her that Yasodha came here so he wanna meet her. Roja lies to him that they didn’t come here. Balu question her that he didn’t mentioned that Anu accompany her. Roja says that she guessed about it. He thinks where did they go? He says he will go inside and meet Arjun and Aswin.

Roja says don’t go in Aswin and Arjun are fighting each other. He replies he can’t able to believe it. Roja says that they are fighting for him. Aswin thinking that he is provoking Annapoorna that’s why she scolds her. Balu replies he is innocent. Roja advises him to don’t go in. He nods and leaves. Yasodha and Anu knocking on the bathroom door when they didn’t hear any sound and leaves.

Pooja comes out. Roja says we might bring her out to temple. Kalpana comes there. Pooja starts fears then fall on her feet and appologize to her. She narrate to her what happened. She replies she knew everything Arjun and Roja informed everything to her. She says that she is disappointed because she hide everything from her after marriage too.

Pooja says she wish to confess everything to her but they stopped her. Kalpana blames them and praise Pooja. She advise her to hide from everyone sight and come when she calls her rest all she will take care. She has big task is to convince Annapoorna.

Episode end.