Roja 27th May 2021 Written Update: Arjun enquires Sakshi in court

Roja 27th May 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Naveen says to Anu that Sakshi is very brilliant. She will escape from it after giving statement against her. Anu deny it reasoning Sakshi won’t betray her. Naveen says to her that Sakshi is first culprit in this case. Anu is just a cirmustances culprit doesn’t Sakshi killed that Ganesh so she will definitely give statement against her. She is a bored criminal not only her but her family is a criminal family. He shows pity on her. Naveen asks Anu to hide it or else Arjun will suspect him. Sakshi comes there and tries to talk with Anu but inspector stops her. Sakshi pass the letter to Anu. Arjun and Roja are watching them from far. Roja shocks to see it. Chandrakantha notices this and snatches the letter from her. She questions her Is she trying to destroy the evidence? All evidence are strong and against them. Arjun teases them Is it a love letter? Naveen provokes Anu against Sakshi.

Chandrakantha asks Arjun to read what written in it. Arjun reads that Sakshi didn’t shared any truth to anyone yet. Arjun trying to create rift between them and win in this case that’s why they didn’t allow them to meet yet. This case is depends on their statement so be careful. Arjun says to her that he knew well it will end up like this that’s why he asked her to remove that letter from her or else Anu may be alert now. Naveen says to Anu that they are reading the letter indecently. Naveen says to her that Sakshi shouldn’t have go against her.

All are presenting in court. Annapoorna questions Kalpana why is she late? Is she went to pray for Arjun to win in this case? He is doing everything for this Roja. He is torturing Anu like this and stand adamant to send her to jail, but see only truth will win at the end. Arjun says correct only truth will win at the end. Annapoorna asks him to stop talking with her. Kalpana says to her doesn’t she said truth will win situation don’t worry. If Anu innocent then nothing will happen to her. Judge comes to court and greets all. Shanthamoorthy is present in court. Judge gives permission to Manickam to enquire first. Manickam says to judge that Shanthakoorthy is the criminal in Ganesh murder case then what’s the need to bring this case again? Arjun gives objection there and informs to her that they can even take the dead body from grave yard if it’s needed for the case then why did he asking like this?

Manickam says to judge that Arjun is doing this all in personal vengeance on his daughter Anu. Anu is culprit here. Doesn’t she can understand from this the way he mentioning Anu as daughter. He is here to save his daughter here. Manickam questions him Is he trying to say Shanthamoorthy is innocent? Then why didn’t he proved it on that day what’s the need to bring this case again? Arjun complaints that last time they put pressure on him and come to an end Shanthamoorthy is a culprit without full proof!

Arjun says to Manickam that he collected many evidence to prove that Shanthamoorthy is innocent here. Many cases proved years later. People’s trusting this court and coming here to get the justice. He take this case again to give justice to Shanthamoorthy. He wishes to enquires three person here. He mentions Sakshi, Priya( Anu), Roja. Manickam questions Arjun who is Roja? Arjun informs to him that Roja lived in Shanthamoorthy Orphanage in last 20 years. Manickam questions him who is Roja to him? Arjun informs to him she is his wife. Manickam questions him how did he married to Roja? Isn’t it saying they both have some deal behind it.

Arjun questions Kalpana Is she know Pratap before her marriage? She informs to her not at all. She married to him in just 10 days after her alliance fixed. Arjun informs to him his mom married to his dad because both liked each other and married nothing he find wrong in it. He wishes to enquires Anu. Manickam questions him how could he suspect Anu. He says to him he is not suspecting her but blaming her as culprit. Sakshi comes to court. Arjun questions her how come she know Shanthamoorthy? She says to him that she don’t know him much. Arjun question her Isn’t she asked him to give his land to her? She nods to him and reveals that she wishes to build five star hotel there. Arjun says to her that Shanthoorthy deny it. Sakshi lies to him that Shanthamoorthy expected more money from her she agreed to give. Arjun says to her so its clearly saying she is adamant to get that properties at any cost.

Episode end.