Roja 27th November 2020 Written Update: Arjun takes Aarathi to Roja

Roja 27th November 2020 Written Update on

Today episode starts with Annapoorna saying to Anu that report was very important one. If we miss it then how will they consult doctor again? Morethen we got discharged today so they will admit new patient there before someone coming there she will go and take the report. Anu tries to stop her but went in vain. Roja ask to Annapoorna she will go and take it. Annapoorna refuse to take her help and scold her for looking down on her age.

Annapoorna comes to the ward and gets confuse with the room numbers. She enters into 109 no. Where Shenbagam was adimitted. Annapoorna complaint they turns off all the lights soon. Shenbagam hands were moving. Annapoorna hits down the flask. She notice someone laying on bed. She prays to god to save that lady soon. She feels so emotional seeing her. Anu gets frustrate when Annapoorna getting late. She goes to check her lumping. Roja and Kalpana doubts her act.

Annapoorna still feeling sad for that lady. Anu eyes were widen seeing Annapoorna in someone else ward. Anu ask to her why did she enter into this room instead of hers. She ask her to go she will take the report and comes back in minutes.

 Anu goes in to check the patient. Her eyes gets widen seeing Shenbagam there. She guessed that Annapoorna didn’t stare her face orelse her expression would have different. Anu reach down. Annappoorna informs to them she met one lady she wish to see her again. Anu stops her from going and ask her to leave. Roja supports Annapoorna. Anu force Annapoorna to leave from hospital. Roja and Kalpana finds her behaviours is little weird.

Aswin get Pooja call. He says to her he was thinking about her yet. She complaints to him that he never called to her. He reasoned to her that her father is in home why should he take risk. Pooja says to him that she missing him a lot. This nuptial chain is the only hope to her. Her family is not ready to accept their love then what about this marriage? Aswin assures to her Arjun and Roja will take care of it all. Annapoorna comes there she disconnect the call seeing her. She invite him to take Arathi for Anu. Aswin deny her wish and teased Anu.

Annapoorna comes down from stairs. She notice Sumathi there she thinks now she has no option left then asking to her? She ask to Sumathi to take Arathi for Anu. She refuse to do it reasoning that Inspector threw hot water on her face for Anu so she won’t take it. Annapoorna curses her and goes in. Arjun whom listening it all comes out from hidind and thanked Sumathi for deny her wish. He knock on Annapoorna room. She opens the door.

 Arjun says to her he is ready to take Arathi for her why did she pleading to others. She is this house queen she shouldn’d plead others. Annapoorna gets happy seeing him worry for Anu. She takes him with her. Anu car reach there she comes out with the help of Yasodha. Arjun is ready to take Arathi.

Anu smirks seeing him but he ask Roja to come forward and takes Arathi to her. Annapoorna scold him for taking Aarathi to Roja. He replies to her its his challenge. If he won the case for Roja Annapoorna agreed to take Aarathi to Roja. We both are same blood so he took Aarathi to her instead of her.

Annapoorna questions Kalpana about Arjun behaviours. Kalpana complaints to her that he took Aarathi to his wife only not for her. Aswin comes there for Arjun support. Sumathi broken the Dhrishti fruit. Annapoorna blames Arjun for spoiling her mood.

Episode end.