Roja 27th October 2020 Written Update: Arjun challenging Inspector

Roja 27th October 2020 Written Update on

Today episode starts with Arjun taking Roja pictures in his mobile. Inspector staring him not understanding anything there. She ask to him to come out. He ask her to wait there. She replies to him what did he doing there when she keeps asking him to come out its not a place to take his wife picture. Arjun replies to her that he is collecting evidence. Somehow no CCTV footage will work here in the station so nothing will be stored in the camera how did they beated Roja? So he is taking her picture to produce the evidence infront of human rights commission. Inspector gulped hearing it.

One of the constable says to Inspector he is Arjun famouse criminal lawyer whom transfered the inspector to weapons field. Whoever working dishonestly sended to weapon field as a punishment he is a king in it so be aware of him. Arjun says to her she is saying correct inspector should transfer to there. Constable whisper to her she talked to her in low voice though he find it out.

Arjun replies to them he even heard this too. He says to them technology developed a lot though they are lacking of it. He removed his bluetooth from his ears then snapped infront of her face and challenge her he will release his wife in two hours. Inspector laughed and replied to him that today is friday no court for saturday and Sunday so he can’t able to get bail easily. She gonna give best treatment to his wife in these two days inside the prison.

Arjun says to her he knew well her game planing but it won’t happen in his case he will release her in two hours. He says to her proudly that inspector learned law to get job but he is living in it. He hugged Roja and assures to her he will be back soon. He warns to inspector don’t dare to hurt Roja he fixed an CCTV footage here. He walked away inspector glared him and ask the writer to get statement of Aswin then he can’t do anything to her.

Here in hospital Aswin got the conscious doctors were checking him. They informed this good news to his family. They feels good after hearing it. Kalpana and Pratap gets permission from doctor to meet Aswin. Pooja about to go in Anu and gang stopped her. Pooja pleading to them to allow her to meet him but they didn’t. So Pooja bite Anu and pinched Yasodha.

Annapoorna complained to Kalpana about her. Aswin noticed Roja and Arjun is missing. He ask about them Annapoorna complained to him that Roja tries to kill him. He deny it and says he knew well about Roja. Writer comes there to take his statement. He informs to him that Roja were arrested by police for poisoning him. He ask to him whom complaint this?

Annapoorna says to him that Roja tries to kill everyone in that family so Anu complained to cop. Aswin says to Writer that Roja is innocent they used this chance to take revenge against Roja. Annapoorna says to him don’t be confuse she forced her to eat it but he ate it. Aswin ask to her why didn’t she eat it? So they knew already poison were mixed in it so they intentionally made him eat it and wish to blame Roja for it. He says to Writer he wanna complaint on the person whom wronged Roja.

Inspector teased Roja inside the jail. Time is running out but still her husband didn’t come yet. Constable warns to her CCTV camera is there so calm down. She ask to Roja doesn’t she have fear? She replies to her that she trust her husband. She about to slap her but Arjun stopped her.