Roja 28th January 2021 Written Update: Pooja entry surprised all

Roja 28th January 2021 Written Update on

Today episode starts with Shenbagam asking help to one stranger to share about the details how to go to ponniyoor. She replies there is no bus service at this time she can stay in ashramam they will give food too because one saint coming there to visit peoples. Shenbagam remembers her and thinks she already met her. She remind her moments with Roja.

Divya henchmans comes there to search her there she notice them and hides from their sight. She participated in that pooja. She wish to talk with sani but her assisstant replies she is mounavridam today she will talk in next day only. Shenbagam thinks its all fate that’s why her meeting with Roja is postponding. She believes something good will happen. Divya henchmans inform to Divya that Shenbagam didn’t reach here yet they will inform to her once they find her out. Anu is waiting for Muthu.

Balu brings Muthu there. Anu puts an deal with him. Balu praise her evil brain. Village peoples comes to see Annapoorna they are discussing about the pooja. They leaves after it. Pooja comes there in auto everyone surprised to see her. Arjun whispered to Roja don’t pretend like she came with us she is here as his junior.

Pooja comes there Anu asking to Annapoorna why did she came here? Annapoorna question Pooja why did she came here? Pooja stays there silent. Annapoorna question Kalpana why did this girl came here its their temple function she is not allowed to come here. Arjun says she came here because he invited her. Annapoorna question him he intentionally bring her here to ruin their happiness.

Arjun replies its nothing like that but he gives justice to this village people Pooja is here to learn that case and participate in the function. Annapoorna question Kalpana why did she staying silent after hearing it. She replies that Pooja is not gonna stay here but attend the function temple is common for all. Anu says its seems Kalpana knew her entry already. Annapoorna says so she is also cheating her. Kalpana replies she never cheat her but honest to her.

Annapoorna says Pooja father is also like that. Pooja says don’t dare to talk about her father if she need respect be in her limit. They are keep arguing. Balu questioned why did Pooja is here. Arjun says its her family temple because her soon to be husband family temple also this. Kalpana ask them to leave but she is not coming because she can’t able to accept that Annapoorna blames her that she cheating her. Pratap ask her to allow Pooja to participate in the function. Kalpana goes in not listening anyone. Arjun and Roja leaves to convince her.

Episode end.