Roja 28th November 2020 Written Update: Arjun challenging Annapoorna

Today episode starts with Annapoorna saying to them that Anu fighted for her life and came back to home why did everyone badmouthing her. Kalpana ask to her when did she fighted for her life just her leg was fractured. Infact she got extra weight after ate so much food so don’t say like that. Annapoorna ask her to don’t eye on her food. Anu is glaring Kalpana. Aswin supported Kalpana.

Annapoorna saya to her today or tomorrow Anu is the one whom gonna be her daughter in law so don’t badmouth on her. Aswin question to Kalpana does she has another son too without Aswin and Arjun knowledge? She ask to him why did he asking to her like this? He replies to her that Annapoorna saying that Anu gonna be her daughter in law that’s why because he won’t marry her at any cost.

 Annapoorna blames Kalpana for her son talking back to her. Kalpana complaint to her that her son upbring by Annapoorna in well manner that’s why he is not opposing to her but she fail to upbring them like that. Annapoorna ask to him what sin she done? She is acting like Shenbagam daughter doesn’t it sin? Annapoorna comments don’t hurt her. Roja says to her that Arjun won’t lie.

 Anu question Roja she entered into this house already then why did she not allowing her to come in. Did she even seduced Aswin also? Everyone shout on her for throwing words? Aswin warns her that Arjun just broke her leg but he can break her hands too. Annapoorna ask to them why did they hurting Anu like this? She is an motherless child that’s why she is giving extra care to her.

Arjun complaints to her that’s the problem to them. Annapoorna says to him that Shenbagam is no more only this Anu is remain in her life as Shenbagam memory don’t try to snatch it from her. Arjun says to her he won’t snatch anything from her he is often saying to her she is feeding to a venome snake it will bite her back. She is not Shenbagam daughter when he is getting an evidence against her he will prove it to all.

Yasodha question him when did he get the evidence none gonna change the fact is He don’t like Anu because Roja don’t like her at all. Aswin ask her to shut up orelse he will punch on her face. Annapoorna ask to him what’s his problem? Arjun ask to Annapoorna if he proves Anu is not Shenbagam daughter then what will she do? She replies to him she will kick her out but it won’t happen because she knew well she is Shenbagam daughter. Anu smirks and go in. Arjun too leaves.

Anu enters into her room and Send Yaso away. She remind Arjun words and Shenbagam state in hospital and informs everything to Sakshi. She assures to her that she will take care of everything.

Next Day Pratap discussing in hall with business partners to choose the new chair person of the new business. They ask him to choose Arjun for it. Pratap deny it pointing he don’t like this field at all. Aswin is handling three branches already. Aswin ask him to select Kalpana for it. Annapoorna deny it by saying she is house wife has no knowledge about it. Aswin says to her she used to look down on her that’s why she is like this.

They suggest Roja name but Annapoorna starts to scold them for mentioning her as their daughter in law she won’t allow to sit her in that position. Morethen Anu added that she has no degree too. Annapoorna gives Anu name. Hearing it Aswin gets angry and says to her she is not belongs to this family so she can’t able to do it. He even resign his chairman position then marrying Anu. Arjun smiles hearing it but Annapoorna and Anu are glaring him.

Episode end.