Roja 28th October 2020 Written Update: Annapoorna stopped Roja from entering the house

Roja 28th October 2020 Written Update on

Today episode starts with Aswin sitting on wheele chair he got discharged from hospital. Kalpana taking him out with attender. Pooja comes there crying. Kalpana notice her and gives space to them. Pooja stare Aswin emotionally. Kalpana says to Aswin that Pooja came to see him early but Anu and Yasodha didn’t allow her to go in. They lashes out of her and badmouth on her.

 Aswin stare her in tears. Kalpana leaves them to chat in private. Aswin ask to Pooja why did she come here even after know his family will treat her badly? Pooja replies to him how will she stay quiet when her lifeline is admitted in hospital she can’t able to hold herself back. She informs to him that she prayed for him in temple. She can able to sacrifice her life to see him in happiness. Aswin hold her hand emotionally. Pooja complaints to him that Anu used this situation to take revenge against Roja. Aswin agreed with her.

Inspector says to Roja that time running up but her husband no where to seen. Roja replies to her she trust her husband he will definitely come and release her. She says to her its impossible only few minutes left. Writer comes there. Inspector ask to him did he collected the statement of him then only she can produce her infront of judge and push her into central jail. Writer informs to her that he didn’t get statement from Aswin. Inspector ask to him why did he passed away already?

Roja got shocked hearing it. Writer informs to her he clearly said he won’t give statement. Inspector ask to him why? Is he scared of Roja. Assures to him that we will back him up. Writer says to her he won’t give statement against Roja because he strongly saying they framed her. Inspector ask to Roja why did all womens are against her but mens are supporting her.

Roja glares her. Inspector about to slap her Arjun stopped her by holding her hand. She ask to him did he know the punishment to holding cop hand while in uniform? Arjun replies to her he knew well. He shows bail to her and ask her to release Roja. Commissionar called her and scold her for torturing Roja. She tries to manage the situation but all went in vain.

 Arjun ask her to open jail for her. She open it Roja comes out. She repeats to her she trust her husband as she said he came to rescue her. Arjun takes her from there. Inspector challenged she will lock Roja again in it. Roja ask him to take her to hospital. Arjun informs to her that Aswin is in home.

Kalpana feeding to Aswin she ask him to take rest. Annapoorna thinking about that incident. Anu provoking her against Roja. Yasodha says that Inspector won’t leave her alive. She is hell angry on her. Annapoorna feels emotional for Aswin. Anu pretend like praising Aswin and triggering Annapoorna against Roja. Kalpana ask them to stop triggering Annapooorna. Arjun and Roja came back to house. Annapoorna stops her entering into house and badmouth on her. Frustrated Arjun shouts on Annapoorna.