Roja 29th June 2021 Written Update: Goons kidnaps Roja

Roja 29th June 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Roja asks Arjun to take Anu out in bail. Arjun deny it. Roja says to him that her father is important to her. She didn’t done anything for him this is the first time he asked something to her. Arjun says to her he is not considering her as his daughter he will believe it after taking DNA test only. Roja says to him she needs his relation so he might bring Any out of the jail. Arjun asks her to meet another lawyer he can’t able to do it. Roja asks him to listen her he didn’t listen to her.

Roja reminds him that he agreed to fulfill her wish after he won the case. Her wish is to bring Anu out of the jail. Arjun alerts her that she is doing wrong now. Roja stands adamant in her decision. Arjun says to her that he learnt from her he shouldn’t give promise when he is anger and happy. Now destiny playing in his life. He warns her that she will regret her decision after Anu came out of the jail. Arjun says to her that he wanna pay to god to save Roja hereafter.

Sakshi is sitting with Vanaja Warden comes there and informs to her that Anu is going out in bail. Sakshi tells her there is no chance for it. She knew well that Manickam is trying to take Anu out in bail for his status same way Arjun wanna make Anu stay inside jail to save his status. Warden tells her there is a twist. Arjun whom gonna take Anu in bail. Sakshi thinks that Anu may provoked Annapoorna to do it. She turned to be a villain for circumstances but she is a borned criminal. She will never allow this to happen.

Sakshi calls to her henchman and informs them that Arjun is planning to take Anu out for bail. They shouldn’t allow this to happen. She asks him to stop him from doing it and kidnaps him. She can’t allow Anu to go out when she is in jail. Goons nods to her. Arjun is driving the car. Roja often checking Arjun and tries to start a conversation with him. He is not giving heed to her. Roja keeps calling him. He asks her to stop mentioning him as sir. Roja questions him Is he angry on her for asking him to take Anu in bail. He says that he is so happy now. Roja tells him that her father asked her to help him for the first time how will she sit quiet?

Arjun questions her Is he said to everyone she is his daughter? Is he showing little bit love on her yet? Why is she trying to help him. Roja assures to him that she won’t open her mouth in Anu matters then this. Arjun says nothing is there to ask in it. Arjun alerts her that Anu gonna come back and tries to divide the house and separate him from her. Roja says to him none can able to do it. Arjun says that she is day dreaming. Anu can do anything because she is a wrong person. He learnt that he shouldn’t promise to ladies because they will use it against them.

Arjun warns her that she gonna face many problems hereafter through Anu. Roja says to him that he won’t allow her to see in danger. Arjun says to her she is asking him to release the danger and asking him to save her from it. Its so unfair. If she asks anything for her he can do it happily but she tied his hand for that Anu. Only Anu has gain in it. Goons notices Arjun car coming to that side. They wishes to block him. They drives the car rashly.

Arjun gets down from the car and argues with the goons. They pushes him down and leaves from there placing knife on Roja’s neck. Arjun thinks what to do now. He notices one bike coming there he stops it and asks him to give the bike and gives his visiting card to him. Arjun chasing the car. Another side Chandrasekhar coming in car. Roja questions the goons where are they taking her? They asks her to shut her mouth. Goons takes Roja inside the gudown. They tied Roja’s hand. Arjun reaches to there when Roja shouts to help her. Arjun starts fighting with the goons.

Episode end.