Roja 29th September 2020 Written Update: Arjun supporting Roja

Roja 29th September 2020 Written Update on

Today episode starts with Roja narrating the puranam to everyone. Lord Vishnu did this pooja to Lord Shiv to bring back Lakshmi. Everyone listening to it silently, Annapoorna were admiring the way she narrating it. Yasodha and Anu making faces hearing it. When she finished it Kalpana and Pratap praised her.

Yasodha says to Anu she impressed everyone there. She replies to her after garland drown they won’t mind her. Priest ask to give the vetrilai. Kalpana request Annapoorna to bless it she done as she wished. Pratap placed coin upon it. Kalpana lightens the comfort and start the pooja. Priest forwards the garland to them and ask them to float it on the pond in different directions. Roja prayed to god and float the garland in water.

Arjun giving less interest to it. Anu and Yasodha staring it excited. Its going well but suddenly Roja garland starts to drown. Anu and Yasodha felt happy seeing it and says its working out. Roja turns unhappy Annapoorna smirks in return. Arjun not paying any attention to it. Temple bell rang and the garland came up. And joins with Arjun’s garland at the end making the trio in disappointed rest all happiness having no bounds.

Anu shouts the garland shop owner for lie to her. She ask to him whether he tied stone and magnet with the garland properly. He replies to her he didn’t. She got angry on him and ask why did he done it with her. He replies to her she wish to do wrong doing so he can’t allow to see something wrong happening to Arjun sir because he was the one saved them from politicians.

Even he is running that shop on his name. Anu shocked to learn the truth. She asked to him then why did he recieved the money from her. He replies to her if he didn’t she probably approached someone else he didn’t take that sin money he donated to god if she needs take it from there. Anu got angry on him and about to slap him Arjun stops her. He advise to her to walk in correct path instead of planning cunning ideas against them.

Roja advise to her its ok to not doing good things to others atleast don’t do sin. Only dharmam wins at last. She takes Arjun with her. Priest praised Arjun and Roja jodi and ask them to exchange the garlands. Annapoorna makes faces. Kalpana asked them to take a round around the temple.

Annapoorna sitting in hall thinking deeply , Pratap comes there and says all pooja were completed successfully its time to perform the anniversary of them. Anu listening it from upstairs. Annapoorna says they are deciding all why did pretend to asking permission from her. Pratap says only Manickam is left to invite let’s go together and invite him.

Annapoorna deny the idea pointing he might be hurt hearing it because Anu marriage stopped in middle. Kalpana assure her Arjun won’t insult him. Pratap informed to Manickam he came to house . Anu rushed near him and hugs him. Roja and Arjun comes down Roja mention him as Father i. Happiness. Anu warn her he is her dad so don’t snatch her this rights too. Roja turns unhappy.

Manickam warns her he don’t like the things Anu hating it so don’t ever call him as Father. Roja starts to cry hearing it. He provoked Pratap to say the matter . He inform to him that they planned to perform Arjun Roja wedding anniversary grandly. He got angry and says why did he participate in it when his daughter marriage stopped. He won’t participate in orphan function. Arjun got angry and supports Roja and says if he wish to participate in it do it orelse leave. Annapoorna shouts on Kalpana to stop Arjun. She deny it in anger.