Roja 2nd April 2021 Written Update: Anu finishes the pooja well

Roja 2nd April 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Shenbagam meets Amuthanayaki and says to her, She is getting flashes of her past but face is not clear. She replies to Shenbagam that she is nearing her blood relations. Amuthanayaki informs to her that after she left from here Shenbagam’s relations came to meet her. Shenbagam starts feeling emotional when she fails to meet her relations. Amuthanayaki says to her that everything will happen when its time come. Shenbagam shares her grief with Amuthanayaki. She pleads her to give any solution to her problem.

Amuthanayaki asks Shenbagam to pray for her family. They will come near her soon. Shenbagam says to her that she will pray for her family. She asks to her Isn’t she said that god can able to show path to her but she can go by herself. Amuthanayaki gets some flashes which is going to happen in future. She alerts Shenbagam that her nuptial chain is in danger. Shenbagam starts crying.

Amuthanayaki says to her that she is here on correct time. If she sits in particular Orphanage temple and prays for her family she can save him. She must careful to prevent that light shouldn’t off. If she lighten this lamp till tomorrow then she can save that person. Shenbagam assures to her that she will pray for him without fail. She us even ready to sacrifice her live for it.

Amuthanayaki complaints that she is here to save one life then how will she loss her life? Amuthanayaki gives the lamp to her. Shenbagam takes it from her and walks to that Temple. She places the lamp down and starts prays for Manickam. She says to god that she may don’t know who is her husband but she is feeling him. Amuthanayaki informed to her that her life is at sake so please save him. Shenbagam starts chanting the manthras there.

Amuthanayaki arranges everything for Angni paritcha. Roja family reaches there. Amuthanayaki stares them. Annapoorna says that her grand daughter is here to do the pooja. Amuthanayaki asks to her how will she say Anu is her grand daughter without confirming her identity. Arjun supports her. Annapoorna is adamant not to accept it. Amuthanayaki replies to her that this pooja is to confirm who is real grand daughter then why did she taking decisions in advance. Amuthanayaki narrates the pooja rules and regulation to them. Arjun asks to Amuthanayaki who is finishing it first will be consider as Grand daughter of Annapoorna right? She nods.

Amuthanayaki asks to them who is doing this pooja first? Anu raises her hand and says that she is orginal grand daughter. This pooja is for her so she will do it first. Amuthanayaki smiles. Amuthanayaki calls Anu to comes near her. She make her wears the garland and applies vermillion on her. Anu gets blessings from Annapoorna. She blesses her that she will win this. Anu says to Annapoorna to be brave she is her grand daughter. Annapoorna says to her that she knew it. She just supporting it for Arjun.

Anu reminds that what did she planned yesterday with Sakshi. Sakshi says to Anu that she splashes special chemical in Roja’s angni cirlce. She will be burn alive if she sits in it. Its just circle for Anu but for Roja its grave. Anu laughs with Sakshi. Anu smirks and says to Annapoorna that she is orginal one. All are suspecting her honesty so she wants to prove it to all that she is real. Anu sits inside the circle. They sets the fire in it. Anu starts doing the rituals sitting inside it. Sakshi and her goons are watching Anu from behind. Anu building a hut house and places god inside it. She comes out of the circle safely and places it under the god feet. Annapoorna praises Anu and says that Anu done the pooja well so she is grand daughter of her. Arjun asks to her why did she taking decision in rush?

Episode end.