Roja 2nd January 2021 Written Update: Arjun is in dilemma

Roja 2nd January 2021 Written Update on

Today episode starts with Parimalam mixed poison in the biriyani. Arjun and Roja celebrating Ambalavanan birthday there. He cuts the cake and feed to everyone there. Parimalam is watching them. Ambalavan feels happy because of Arjun and Roja care on him. Arjun says to Roja lets give food to everyone here. Sakshi is waiting to hear the news from Parimalam there.

Roja goes to take Biriyani those goons staring her and serving biriyani into the plate. She gives it to Arjun he refuse to take it and says to her first give it to kids then he will have it. Roja serve to all and about to feed on kid. One little girl remind her that she forget to pray. She apologise to all that she forget to pray in the happiness. Its good kids didn’t forget. They prayed for Arjun and Roja happiness and thank them. Grandma and Grandpa prayed for childrence happiness. Roja feeds to all in happiness. Parimalam informs to Sakshi that Roja fed to childrence. Sakshi says to her that poison will work slowly make sure they shouldn’t go out. Then set fire there orelse they will find out poison mixed in the food. She nods.

Childrence says to Roja that she feed to all now its their turn to feed her. Roja feels happy but refuse it. Arjun ask her to fullfill childrence wish. Roja nods. All kids are feeding to her one by one. Arjun staring it happily. He thinks he will never get this happiness from anything. Roja eating the biriyani with them. Goons and Parimalam are watching them. Grandpa and Grandma ate the food. They leaves to wash their hands along with kids.

Arjun sits behind Roja and tickling her. He ask her to feed him too. She about to feed him Ambalavanan comes there and fall down. Everyone rushed near him. Grandma too fall down unconscious Arjun and Roja gets worry for them and trying to wake them but all kids starts to fall down unconscious. Roja and Arjun running here and there to wake them up last Roja too fall down in the poison effect. Arjun trying to call the Ambulance but signal not reached. He runs outside to reach the Ambulance. They close the door and poures kerosine all over the place and set the fire. Arjun notice that door is closed he trying to open it but fails. He shouting and scolding them .

Arjun kicks the door and rushed in and gets shocked to see fire there. He is saving all kids from the fire and make them lay in Ambulance. Roja asking him to help all. Parimalam and goons are watching them. Arjun saves Roja too and leaves from there in Ambulance. Parimalam informs to Sakshi that Arjun take them to hospital. She scold her and talk to someone in phone. Arjun is crying seeing Roja and others. Shenbagam doing rounding in hospital and talking with her gardian. Arjun informs to Ashwin about the incident. He says to him that he will be there in minutes. Arjun reach hospital

Episode end.