Roja 2nd June 2021 Written Update: Arjun’s smart move

Roja 2nd June 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Manickam says to Arjun he may be opposite lawyer to him in this case but actually a relation to him. Annapoorna questions him why is he saying this to Arjun. Annapoorna questions Arjun what did he know about relation? Roja questions her why is she asking like this? Roja says Arjun whom arranging everything for family. He always thing good for everyone. She adds that Arjun postponed this case these many days for Anu because everyone loves her. Anu says Roja provoked Arjun against her and made her confess like that. Arjun says it’s the truth he didn’t done anything in it. Anu complaints that Shanthamoorthy treated her like orphan there and gave all luxurious life to Roja. Now Arjun and Roja created a story against her and makes him scold her. She apologies to him. Anu plays a emotional act there and pretends like committing suicide. Arjun and Manickam stops her.

Arjun throws the sword down. Anu questions him why did he stop her from committing suicide? Arjun says that he is not committing suicide but trying to kill the justice. Just wait for some times then she will get what she deserved to be.
Arjun says to Anu she might be punished for her deeds. After she got her punishment then she can come out of jail. Some of her relation will be out for her. Manickam questions him why is he treating Anu like this? Doesn’t Anu has her father and mother Shenbagam. Annapoorna says that her grandma is also alive.

Arjun says that he made Anu accepts her mistake. His next target is to prove her identity. Manickam says to Anu that she is his daughter till he die. Already Shenbagam left him so he will never allow her to leave her too. At least he need her to be with him till he die. Annapoorna asks him to stop mentioning like this and takes them from there.

Arjun says that Anu used to lie that she has no idea about this case. But she starts accepting her mistakes now. He will take care of the rest. Manickam informs to Annapoorna that case is week from their side. He asks Annapoorna to take care of Anu. He leaves from there for some works. Chandrakantha alerts him. Arjun says that he know well what’s Manickam is planning. He will deal him in case. Manickam reaches back to court.

Arjun questions him where did he went? Arjun says to Manickam may he went to Psychiatrist to get a fake certicfiavte to prove Anu is mentally not well. She used to blabber always. May he doubt how come he find it out? For his kind information he is also a lawyer. Arjun says to him thers is only one option is to save Anu. If Anu turns to be a approver then he can able to save her or else he can’t able to save her. He is giving a piece of advice to him thinking him as his uncle. When Anu blabbered the truth in court his brain stopped working. It’s natural one. Arjun asks Anu to be a approver.

Manickam says to Anu that he has no option then this. He asks Anu to accept the deeds she done. Just informs to judge that she was on spot and helped Sakshi other then that she has no link with this case. He asks her to accept the deeds. Anu stares him in nervous. Manickam asks her to stop staring him in this way. Doesn’t he asked her to stop blabbering in court but he didn’t. Just accept the mistake then she will get little punishment. He will save her from that punishment. Judge comes to court everyone greets her.

Judge wishes to enquire Anu. Anu stars crying. Judge asks Anu to stop crying and questions her doesn’t her statement are true? She may be she didn’t killed the Ganesh but she helped Sakshi to hide the evidence so she is also a culprit. She might be punished for it. Anu says to Judge that she done it for a circumstance. Roja and Shanthamoorthy tortured her in orphanage. Roja knew well how to talk with others but Anu don’t know it. This is why she tried to took revenge on them. In that Orpganage Roja has separate rules and tortured everyone there.

Shanthamoorthy used to support only Roja. She got so many humiliation in that Orphanage. Arjun smirks at Anu. Anu adds that on that time Sakshi comes there she got her contact of her. Sakshi wished to buy that land. She brainwashed her and made her dance with her. Anu adds that she wished to escape from that orphange but they didn’t send her out. Shanthamoorthy didn’t gave her certificates to her Sakshi whom killed the Ganesh.

Episode end.