Roja 2nd March 2021 Written Update: Purushothaman puts an agreement with Aswin

Roja 2nd March 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Roja says to Arjun that he is suffering a lot. Arjun replies to her nothing to worry, he already caughted all the people whom did this fraud to them. Arjun adds that he will prove it in 48hours. Soon Kalpana starts eat the food and Aswin will come back to the house. He will definitely appologizes to her. Roja says she don’t need his sorry but she wishes to hear him calls her as sister in law again. She says that Aswin is liks her grown up child. Everyone used to eye on their relationship. He always supported her.

Arjun says everything will be alright. She has high fever so he brings medicine to her. He makes her takes steam even after she refuses. Roja make him take it with her. Purushothaman and Prema are waiting for Aswin. Puryshothaman pays for Aswin auto. He is talking with him in insulting way. Pooja feels happy to see Aswin. Purushothaman pretends like nice to Aswin and insulting him. Purushothaman says to Aswin that he likes him a lot.

Annapoorna tries to ruin his name the same way she did to Aswin. He has sympathy on him. Purushothaman adds that Anmapoorna kicks him out of the house. He can stay in this house and win his heart in 30days. If he do it then he will give Pooja’s hand to him.

Aswin agrees to stay in his house. Purushothaman says to Aswin that he wants to drive his car and take care of the household. Pooja dislikes this idea. She argues with her father for trying to treat him like his servant. Purushothaman says to her that he wants to see Aswin proving his love for Pooja.

Pooja replies to him strictly she won’t agree this. He trying to treat him like a slave. Neither she won’t allow Aswin to do this nor she marry anyone else then him. Purushothaman intentionally insulting Aswin. Pooja asks him to leave the house. Purushothaman asks Aswin to puts an agreement with him. If he pass this test then he will allow him to marry Pooja orelse he shouldn’t come in his way.

Purushothaman agreement accepts by Aswin reasoning its not a big insult to him then Roja betrayel. Chandrakantha is thinking about the case. Arjun comes there and enquires to her about Njanavelu. She informs to him that he is a criminal he used to cheat others land and register in his own name. Chandrakantha informs to Arjun that he didn’t give his personal details to anyone but she collected his information. He is out of city now she wants to bring him here so She going to excute her plan through his family.

Arjun is in court. Pooja, Aswin and Purushothaman comes there. Arjun asks Aswin to come back to their house reasoning Kalpana is not well. Aswin blames Roja as the reason. Arjun asks Aswin to stop looks down on their family infront of others. Purushothaman says to Arjun that he decided to perform Aswin and Pooja marriage in 30days. Arjun says to Aswin its an good news then why did both giving sad expressions.

Pooja tries to explain him but Purushothaman stops her. He says to her that he brough her here for correcting the mistakes in the agreement. Arjun asks her to explain him what’s going on there. Pooja mentions to him about the agreement. Arjun says to Aswin marriage agreement is wrong don’t take a wrong move. Aswin mocks him by saying he done a agreement marriage with Roja. Arjun replies to him that his circumstances made him took that decision. Now situation is difference he understood Roja and accepted her as his wife. Aswin mocks him that all misunderstood her. Arjun stares him helpless way.

Episode end.