Roja 2nd November 2020 Written Update: Anu apologizing to everyone

Roja 2nd November 2020 Written Update on

Today episode starts with Pratap saying to Anu he has no idea what’s cooking on her mind? What did she thinking in her mind? Arjun replies to him didn’t he showed the proof to everyone what was in her mind. She tried to kill our Aswin.

Aswin asked Arjun to call the police let them treat her well like the way they did to Roja. Pratap says to them it won’t end quickly let him call her father and inform this to him. Anu plead to him don’t inform this news to him. But he didn’t heed to her. Annapoorna ask Pratap to calm down and let’s speak. She ask to Anu why did she do like this?

We must ask to her about this? Arjun says to Annapoorna its not fair when Roja was framed by Anu didn’t she send her to jail without allowing her to speak but even after he showed the proof she wanna enauire Anu. Why did she showing this partiality to Roja? Why did she not saying anything to Anu? Annapoorna ask to Anu why did she done like that?

Anu goes near Pratap and says to him that she didn’t done this intentionally actually she misheard nurse words. When she ask Roja to not mix Lemon and Salt in his food she heard it as add in food. That’s why she added it in the juice which Roja prepared for him. She has no intention to kill him at all. She fall on Pratap feet and crying badly to create a fake sympathy on her. He didn’t give heed to her Annapoorna staring her in pity.

She goes near Kalpana and says to her she likes Aswin a lot she is dying to marry him then why should she try killing him. Try to understand her she didn’t try to kill him. Kalpana pushes away her hand from her. Anu keepe crying. Arjun says to Annapoorna that he took this video to prove it to all Anu real face. He must have done it in Roja case top but he didn’t do that on time. Aswin says to him that he has video proof now so complaint to police then they will enquire her and make her confess the truth. She might suffer like Roja in the jail. Arjun agree to his point and dialing to police.

 Roja stopped him and says don’t do it. She ask him to don’t complaint to police. She already suffered in police station without committing any mistakes if they get this video proof then we have no guarantee in Anu case. Already our family name ruined because of her arrest if Anu also got arrest then our family name will be ruined. Kalpana is like a god of this house Annapoorna is a guide we don’t wanna spoil their name by this. They stare Roja proudly. Roja says to Anu that she never try to betray others that’s why she got a partner like Arjun. Our destiny written by god so be careful by saying she leaves.

Anu meeting Sakshi and narrating all incident to her. Sakshi scold Anu for her blunder. Whom will mix it in this critical situation? Arjun is a criminal lawyer he was alert all time to find a clue against her. Now he has an video evidence against her so he can able to prove Roja innocence with it. Still Roja is in our trap we wanna kill Aswin to trap her well because Arjun waiting for an chance to reopen bhayya Ganesh murder case. Still knife rounding around our head. He will turn it against us she used her influence to postpone the case.

 Anu says to her she was the one killed Ganesh not her she just done as she said. Sakshi says to her don’t try to be over smart. She is giving tough to Arjun when compared to him Anu is nothing infront of her she can blame all case on her and escape from it all. Anu apologise to her and consider her as her friend. Sakshi says that she is helping her for her own sake so don’t try to cross the line. Anu nods. 

Kalpana and Roja comes to Temple where Boomika came. Her appointment letter mistakenly priest place in Roja arathi. She gives it to her and introduce her new serial to all and ask the audience to welcome her as their own daughter.