Roja 2nd October 2020 Written Update: Anu got the original report

Roja 2nd October 2020 Written Update on

Today episode starts with Sakshi and Anu reached the jim Security stops them by saying its closed already why did they came here at this time? Sakshi replies to him then wanna do meditation here. He informs to them everyone left already. Sakshi replies to him this is what they want to do meditation without anyone disturbance.

Sakshi offered some cash to him. He recieve it from her and leaves to eat delicious food. Arjun doing dance steps in his room pacing fourth and back. Roja ask to him why did he doing like this instead of sleeping. Arjun replies to her that he don’t get sleep that’s why he is doing crazy things. He says to her that he is so exicited about their first night. She smiles back to him. He opens up with her that he is not like this before he hardly express his emotions to others he used to hold it up but after she entered into his life he changed.

He starts to express his small feelings too. He says its an blessing to get her in his life. Roja says yes its an blessing she brought up in an orphanage he is an lawyer both upbring in different place. When our orphanage got a problem she searched for an lawyer and end up with him and fell in love with him its an amazing feeling. Both flirts with each other

Here Sakshi and Anu find too many lockers there but couldn’t find which one is Arjun locker. Anu ask to her Is she know the password of him then how will she open it? Sakshi asked her to touch the password of everything. She is following her words. Here Arjun saying one year passed though he didn’t forget the day Roja entered into this house first time. He pulls her for an hug and starts romancing her his mobile gave warning. Roja ask to him what is this sound?

She never heard such sound in his mobile. Arjun replies to her that its jim locker alaram sound if someone touch his things then it will warn him. He says to her that he placed Anu original report inside it , so someone trying to stole it. They suspect Anu and checked her room. Yasodha whom noticed them pretend like sleeping like Anu covering herself in bedsheet.

Arjun and Roja rushed to jim and find no security is there. Seeing them Sakshi and Anu hide from them and keep eyeing them Arjun looked around and find none. Roja asked a password to him. He replies some numerologic numbers which means Roja. She says to him here also he give her name.

He replies to her that his whole is filled with her by saying opened the locker. Sakshi spying it through camera. Arjun checked the report and leaves with Roja. Anu and Sakshi came out and opened the locker they found the report and got happy they find another one file there , Anu and Sakshi got shocked to see the contract marriage file in it. Anu smirks in happy and decided to tore their mask at Wedding anniversary infront of Manickam.