Roja 2nd September 2020 Written Update: Sakshi find out Arjun hands is behind the Test

Roja 2nd September 2020 Written Update on

Today episode starts with Ashok selvan ask Roja about her interest to marry him . She hesitate to reply her , he even tells her its about two life matter so he don’t wanna rush things and be a gentleman with her.

Roja reminds the moment where Roja promise to Arjun that she will be with him in all decision and nods her head in yes. Ashok promise to her that he will take care of her like his mom. Here Everyone force Anu to take the test . She frighten hearing Grandmaa supporting Aswin decision .

When she ask about Kalpana decision she reply to them that she don’t have any idea about the test what Aswin talking about but she understand one thing that Aswin is interested to marry Anu with whole heart that’s why he is thinking about child now itself. Grandma praises Kalpana thinking.

Anu confess to Sakshi whatever , happen recently in their house. Sakshi laugh like hell hearing it all. She tells Anu she was trapped by  Arjun plan . Anu stare her in confusion. Sakshi explains her how it worked out according to their plan ,

Anu realize it that they are playing this Marriage plan to prove her blood is not AB- . If they find out it they will kick her out of that house understanding she is not belong to that family. Sakshi console the frighten Anu .

Anu ask her to help her to escape from it all. Sakshi tells her its all Arjun plan he is an famouse criminal lawyer and borned criminal he will use all way to kick her out but this time she won’t allow him to do this. She ask her to remind how did she changed the DNA report in court . Anu inform her that she is only trusting her. Sakshi assure her that she will be with her and take revenge against Arjun .

Madesh calls to Arjun and leak the important information about the pendrive which having all his partners information . He inform him that he keep it safe in his room instead of safe locker . Its behind his mom picture.

Arjun thank him for the useful information . Just then Roja comes there in irrittate mode and complaint to him about Ashok being close with her make her feel frustrate . She even added she is frighten seeing him often . Arjun hugs her to console Roja. He informs her that their mission is tough one its result depend on many lives he can’t allow someone like Ashok raising in this society. Roja tells him that she gonna live in Ashok room where she will get peace . Arjun informs to her that how Madhesh gave useful information to him . Roja feels happy hearing the pendrive matter .Arjun give that task to Roja to take pendrive from his room. Roja deny it but Arjun convince her by reasoning she has more rights in this house then him . She agrees to  help him in his mission .

 Arjun inform to Roja that Ashok selvan is not home now its perfect time to take out the pendrive . Roja takes bucket of water and mop in her hand to get an attention from Renuka . She ask to her why did she doing this all ?

Roja reply to her that she is soon to be daughter in law of this house so she wanna take care of everything there including Ashok selvan things. Renuka praises her thinking and leaves from there when Roja remind her to take her tablet. Roja moves to Ashok selvan room , Arjun sat outside to keep an eye on everyone . Roja removes Renuka picture from wall and tries to take the pendrive Ashok selvan reached on house .