Roja 30th January 2021 Written Update: Arjun rescued Roja

Roja 30th January 2021 Written Update on

Today’s episode starts with Annapoorna asking her relative Is her son got married? She replies negatively. She says before days we used to protect girls in our house but nowadays we might save our son from girls. They will seduce our sons. Priest ask Annapoorna to lighten up the Sokkupaanai. She asks Pratap to do it but Priest denies it and says that her family used to do it so she is elder now. Annapoorna lighten up the sokkupaanai.

Anu signal to Muthu. Roja and Pooja are talking each other happily. Muthu lighten up the crakers and he tries to push Roja into the fire. She shouts for help. Arjun comes running there and save her. Arjun follows him and beats him. He bites on his hand and escaped from there. Shenbakam comes to temple and says she is so happy today she don’t know whose name she should do Archana? She asks the priest to do archana on Roja name. She thank god for giving happy words from Saint. She is staring at her nuptial chain emotionally. Kalpana is cooking the sweets for prasadam. Roja, Pooja and Yasodha are helping her.

Annapoorna comes there and says that Kalpana is innocent she shouldn’t talk like that morning. She thought she won’t prepare sweets in anger. She got angry because she wish only her family wanna visit the temple. She asks her to gift these to god and pray for Aswin and Anu marriage.

Annapoorna says she is good at praying so Kalpana pray for their marriage so it will happen soon. Anu thinks they insulted her in sukkupaanai function let her see how did this sweet reaching to temple? She calls Yasodha. She plans to spoil all sweets before reaching to temple then only Kalpana will cry a lot. She wanna take revenge on Arjun and Roja for insulting her.

Aswin and Arjun try to taste the sweet but they stops them reasoning they wanna we must gift this to god then only we are allowed to taste it. Anu trying to ruin the sweet Yasodha stops her warning god will punish us. Anu says it must happen if we don’t do it then Annapoorna don’t create big problem here because its prepared by Roja, Pooja and Kalpana. She wish to see her blaming Pooja for it.

Anu ask Balu to throw all the sweets down. Yasodha hesitate. She says if we throw it down then Arjun and Roja will get scold by Annapoorna and blame Pooja for it. Balu praise her criminal mind. Anu throw the sweets down with Yasodha and Balu helps. She smash it on floor. Roja comes there and shocked to see the ruined sweets on floor.

Episode end.