Roja 30th September 2020 Written Update: Manickam looking down on Roja

Roja 30th September 2020 Written Update on

Today episode starts with Manickam deny to participate in Wedding Anniversary when they failed to perform Anu marriage. Manickam look down on Roja and mentioned her as road side girl whom has nothing and orphan. How comes Arjun married her without knowing her background and now getting ready to celebrate the Anniversary.

Arjun comes there to support Roja and ask him to stop spitting venome words on her try to behave like an gentleman. Annapoorna interfears and ask Kalpana to stop Arjun. She replies to her she can’t and she won’t stop him saying such things. Annapoorna shocked to hear it. Kalpana replies to her she upbring him like that because she suffered a lot in the house but she don’t wanna see her kids too learning from them.

Arjun supporting Roja because he is loving her and wanna protect her but these many days everyone looked down on her and talk ill about her Pratap never raised his voice against his mom because he upbring him in that way. So she upbring Arjun in well manner and taught him to respect woman and fight for their justice. Arjun praised Kalpana brave steps and feeling proud about her. He compared her with Bharathiyar. Annapoorna got angry and ask to Pratap what’s going on there.

Arjun interfear her and says why did she calling him often to silent mom. Manickam says whatever happens he can’t participate in this function because he looked down on him. Kalpana says she is respecting him a lot and treating him as her own brother just forgive her she must support her kids.

Shenbakam knew her better only mother can feel the pain when someone talking ill about their kids so i have no option then supporting Arjun. She fell on his feet to plead him. Arjun made her stand and says why did she falling on someone feet. Manickam complaints to them Arjun looking him as a outsiders. Annapoorna calls Kalpana name. Arjun stops her saying why did she calling her name often when she don’t respecting her.

Manickam badmouthing Roja she has nothing with her. If this function happens everyone will question them who is she and her background? Will they reply she is an orphan. What will business partners will think about our family. Even they won’t lend money for business if they comes to know Roja status. Arjun says money will come and go but love is not like that. He loves Roja and like her behaviours what’s his problem in it.

Manickam replies its bothering him ofcourse he married to Shenbagam and Anu gonna marry Aswin everyone will question him about Roja status. Its embarrassing to me replying to them she is an orphan. Arjun replies if they dies this status money won’t cry but the person whom loving genuinely will shed tears. If someone is poor and his father got chest pain he will call doctor out of worry but rich people call the lawyer that’s the difference between money and love.

He ask him not to participate in the function and ask to get out of the house. Everyone got shocked. Manickam curse him and goes. Annapoorna announce she won’t participate in the function after insulting Manickam. Pratap replies she must come orelse he won’t talk to her till he die. She agreed to participate.

Pooja visiting temple and asked Aswin to come because its an good auspicious day for sumangalies. He agrees to come. Arjun family too reach there on time they goes in to worship. Anu and Annapoorna too reach there. Annapoorna says if they worship there Anu marriage will happen soon. She sigh and says its an doubt. She replies Arjun and Roja brainwashing Aswin that’s why he is not agreeing to marry her. They saw Pooja in temple.