Roja 31st August 2020 Written Update: Sangeetha’s self immolation

 Roja 31st August 2020 Written Update on

Today episode starts with Arjun continuous Chakravarthy past . Ashok selvan threaten Sangeetha to save her vermillion and nuptial chain he must be back off from this case, she replies him nothing will stop him from saving poor people life . He again threaten her with Chakravarthy life but she reply him justice will save him.

When Chakravarthy getting ready for Ashok selvan trial on court with all evidence Sangeetha ask him to vapaus the case , he deny her by reasoning younger generation life is depend on this case . He can’t step back from it. He even tells her that the gap between birth and death certificate is the definition of life.

She inform him about her fear but he convince her takes his leave. Ashok knew well Chakravarthy collected all strong evidence against him once he produce in trial his drugs world will be over , so he kidnapped his daughter and threaten his wife to accept the deal with him . In the fear she agrees with him for her daughter sake . He ask her to collect one parcel from frontyard and place it inside her house she done as he said to save her daughter.

He used this situation against Chakravarthy , he played dirty game with his family by threatening them and framed him as drug dealer . He selling drug to people in the name of social service . When he deny it in court trial , judge asked his wife to give a statement . Ashok threaten Sangeetha again using her daughter life to give false statement against her husband.

When she deny it he threaten her his goons will rape her daughter and misuse her name . Sangeetha totally taken back by his words and decided to follow his words. She give statement against him in court Chakravarthi couldn’t believe it and try to justify himself , but judge take that case against him regarding his wife statement as social welfare . When cop taken him to collect evidence in his house.

Sangeetha confess to him that she done this all to save their daughter life . Then rushed inside kitchen and close the door. Chakravarthy and cops try to open the door before that she self  immolated herself. Chakravarthy roare in cry.

Arjun says to Roja its all happened in his absense if Manju inform him about it once it won’t happen . He ask Roja to say about her decision to stay back or leave to chennai. She hold his hand and ask him to stay back untill they tore Ashok selvan mask . Roja says to Manju that she is her sister hereafter she don’t need to worry about anything.

In chennai Arjun family asking for a auspicious date to priest for Aswin and Anu marriage . He informs them friday is good day. Grandma asks to Pratap Is he ok with that date ? He ask to Kalpana . She blabbers mother in law wish is hers.

Anu felt happy hearing it Aswin smirks seeing them. Kalpana again blabbers this marriage should take place before Arjun return to chennai. She has fear he will do something to stop this marriage. When mother in law ask about her wish ? She says she don’t have any wish to stop it but Arjun .she even says its her mistake to give birth to a son whom fighting for justice.

Arjun and Roja reach to Ashok house. Roja inform to Arjun that she is scared to go in. He convince her and takes her in but stops in middle seeing the trio selecting sarie for function. Roja got frustrated seeing Ashok chosing for her. Renuka saw them standing there she welcome them in . Nisha complaint to them she called to their number many time but its switched off.

 Ashok ask to Roja why did her face looks terrified. She stands there blinking. He again ask then where were they ? Arjun too stammers but Ashok give hint to then may they were busy in finishing the job before marriage. Arjun too point that word yes i will finish it indirectly saying he will finish his chapter. Nisha ask roja to sit beside her and choose sarie for her engagement with Ashok on friday. Roja and Arjun looks each other shocked.