Roja 31st March 2021 Written Update: Arjun’s prank call to threaten Anu

Roja 31st March 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Roja says that Anu is not Annapoorna’s grand daughter. They even took DNA test for her. She cheated that report too. Annapoorna questions her she had no rights to talk about her. She complaints that Roja is greedy one. She trapped Arjun and married to him. After entered into this house she wished to rule this house and properties. Arjun says that Roja is not greedy but Anu. Annapoorna complaints that Arjun tried many time to prove Anu is not heir of this house. Though he can’t able to prove anything yet. Arjun says to her that something is always there to stop him but this time he won’t stay back. He will definitely prove it.

Arjun says to her that he wants to see everyone safe here. This is the only reason he is taking slow steps. Annapoorna asks Arjun to stop blaming Anu. He is doing this all for Roja. Roja is an Orphan that’s why Arjun is greedy to make Roja sit in Anu’s place. Arjun says to her that he is searching for more evidence to prove Anu is not this house heir. Annapoorna questions her how will he prove Anu is her grand daughter. Arjun says to her there is one last chance to prove Anu is not the heir. Amuthanayaki said this way. He asks Kalpana to say about it.

Kalpana says to Annapoorna that she met with Amuthanayaki. Annapoorna complaints that Arjun may bribe her too. Roja says we can’t buy them with money because they are saints. Kalpana says to Annapoorna that Amuthanayaki said to them that one test is here to prove for one last time who is heir of this house. Annapoorna and Pratap starting giving pressure to Kalpana why did she met her? She lies to her that she didn’t go to meet her for this. While getting blessings she said this to her.

Kalpana narrates to them whatever Amuthanayaki said to them. Who is coming out of the fire circle without touching it will be the heir. Arjun asks Anu to accept the challenge. Anu questions him if someone comes to him and asks him to take test whether he borned for Kalpana or not? Kalpana and Pratap get angry to hear it. He replies to her that he will definitely go. But no one asks him to take it. Here we have doubt on Anu only. Arjun asks Anu to accept the challenge if she is a real grand daughter of this house. If she has dare then prove it to him. Annapoorna asks Anu to accept it reasoning he was failed till so she will win in this definitely. Arjun assures to Annapoorna that if Anu win in it then Arjun and Roja won’t participate in the birthday celebration. Yasodha asks Anu to accept the challenge. Kalpana asks Yasodha to let her think. Anu agrees to do it.

Aswin is cleaning the floor. Purushothaman asks him to clean the dirt well. Purushothaman’s sister calls to him and informs to him that she is on the way. Purushothaman asks her to finish the marriage soon and take Pooja with them. Purushothaman asks Aswin to do the work soon. Only few days are left for the marriage. Purushothaman asks Aswin to take care of marriage work? He replies to him that contract is not over yet then how could he search for new one for Pooja. Purushothaman asks him to collect his payment and leaves.

Aswin challenges him that this marriage won’t happen. Purushothaman shows anger on him so Aswin holds his shirt. Pooja asks him to leave him. Aswin threatens him and says if he tries to snatch Pooja from him then he will seperates Pooja from him. Aswin asks Purushothaman what is important to him whether Pooja’s life or torturing him? Purushothaman says to him that his sister’s son wishes to marry Pooja. If she marry to him then she will turns to be rich one. Prema complaints its won’t look good if he is here when they are coming. He says to her that he is mere a servant here. If he do anything then he will send him to jail. Pooja complaints that he lied to him and betrayed them. Anu is thinking about Roja and Arjun’s word.

Arjun calls to Anu and says to her that she is Priya right? Anu thinks who is he? Arjun pretends like stranger and threatening Priya. He says to her that she is pretending like Anu right? If she puts a deal with him then she can live there safely. Arjun says to her that she wants to live there as Manickam’s daughter and she is trying to marry Aswin to escape from Bhayya Ganesh murder case. He asks her to agree with his deal. Anu agrees to meet him. Arjun asks her to don’t again try to call him in this number he will call her from another number. Roja is spying Anu.

Episode end.