Roja 31st May 2021 Written Update: Roja feds up with Manickam

Roja 31st May 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Judge is hearing the conversation between Anu and Sakshi. Arjun questions Sakshi doesn’t it their conversation? If she tries to deny it then there is more way to prove it. Arjun says to Manickam that Anu is the one informed this to Sakshi. After this also how could he say Anu is just a victim in this case. Arjun says he is damn sure Anu is the culprit. Judge says to Arjun he didn’t prove it yet. Arjun asks Judge to allow him to enquire Roja. Manickam questions Arjun why is he enquiring Roja in this case? Roja is his wife How could he expect justice in this case. Arjun questions him back doesn’t he mentioned Anu is his daughter? Then how will he expect justice from him too? Judge gives permission to Arjun. Roja comes there and greets judge.

Arjun questions her name? Roja questions him doesn’t he know her name? Arjun asks her to behave in court there is no place for relation in court. She nods and mentions her name as Roja. Arjun questions Roja what’s her opinion about Shanthamoorthy? roja says to all that Shanthamoorthy is like a god to them. He gave food and shelter to them how could they blame his as murderer? Arjun asks Roja to say what happened in orphanage when police came to enquire Shanthamoorthy in orphanage?

Roja says to Arjun that they usually get up early morning 5 but on that day she failed to get up. Not only her but also everyone except Anu. She wanna try a lot to make Anu wake up but strangely she was awake on that day. When she noticed her she was all dressed up usually. She saw it in her half sleep.

Manickam questions Roja how will he accept it as evidence? Arjun asks him to let her continue. Roja informs to him that everyone felt like their head was aching. They heard the police jeep sound and went out to check. Police took out Ganesh body from there. It was a great shock to them. But she didn’t find any shock in Anu face in that scene. Manickam complaints that Roja is giving false statement here. Roja is a greedy one she met Arjun to release Shanthamoorthu from jail. After saw Arjun wealth she wishes to live with him and settle in his house. Roja tried to seduce him. Arjun shouts that he is insulting his wife to save Anu. Manickam complaints that not only she seduced him but also trying to become his daughter too.

Manickam questions Roja how will he accept Roja as his daughter when his daughter is alive. She is day dreaming that he will accept her after Anu went to jail. Roja asks him to stop it. Its not a matter here whose daughter she is? She don’t need the rights of his daughter also she just need her Shanthamoorthy only. Doesn’t she informed this to him already? Roja asks Manickam to stop commenting bad about her. Without committing any mistake Shanthamoorthy is in jail. She wants to take him out. In order to take him out truth wanna be out so don’t divert the case by bringing the daughter and father relation. She don’t need her rights too. She won’t come to him. Manickam says Arjun and Roja are playing emotional drama here court need evidence not emotional. Arjun says he is teasing him. Doesn’t Judge heard the conversation between Anu and Sakshi.

Arjun says to Judge that Sakshi tried to pass one letter to Anu when she entered into court. Chandrakantha snatched it at the correct moment. Judge called Chandrakantha and enquires her. She says to her he is saying the truth. Arjun says to them that he gonna read the letter which Sakshi wrote for Anu in front of all. He explains what written on it. Anu killed Ganesh she know it well. Sakshi asks Anu to accept that she killed Ganesh. After accept the crime go to jail she will definitely take her out. She helped her a lot why should she go inside for the crime she done? Don’t bring her name in it. She is saying it all as a friend of Anu. Arjun says to Judge she can take it as evidence. He can able to prove Sakshi wrote this letter. Judge starts teasing it. Anu shouts it’s not true.

Judge asks Anu to come there and confess. Anu questions Sakshi is she a girl? Why should she go inside the jail for her crime? Doesn’t she killed Ganesh? After she killed him she is trying to blame her as culprit and escape from this. Sakshi asks Anu to be quiet and says to her she didn’t write it on that letter. She wrote something else in that letter. Arjun questions Sakshi what did she wrote in that letter? Doesn’t she here for hearing what’s the need to pass the letter to Anu?

Episode end.