Roja 3rd April 2021 Written Update: Arjun fights with Goons

Roja 3rd April 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Annapoorna says to all that Anu done this pooja well. So she proved to all that Anu is real grand daughter of her. Anu asks to Arjun what is his opinion. Arjun says to them that conducting competition for one is not fair. She must allow Roja to do this. Only Anu done the pooja right? Then how comes she take decision soon? Annapoorna replies to all that she has no doubt on Anu. She agreed to do this pooja for Arjun’s words. Now Anu proved it what else they need? Anu says to Annapoorna let’s see whether Roja is completing it or not without touching the fire. Roja gets blessings from Amuthanayaki and sits inside the circle. Roja prays to god. They sets the fire around her. Roja starts building the hut for god. Arjun gets a phone call and moves to attend it. Goons gives fake information to Arjun that Aswin is in danger to divert him. Arjun thinks if he says it to Kalpana then they will get worry for him and everything will be ruined. Arjun leaves from there and calls to the goons and enquires them about Aswin. Shenbagam is praying for her family. Roja is chanting the manthras while building the hut. Amuthanayaki doubts what happening there.

Kalpana complaints to Pratap that fire is not much when Anu done pooja but its flames are high while Roja doing it. Arjun reaches to the spot where goons alerts him. He is looking around the place. Amuthanayaki prays to god seeing the fire. Goons surrounds Arjun. Arjun doubts that something going to happen with Roja that’s why they diverted him and bring him here. He thinks that he will never allow anything bad happens to Roja. He starts fighting with those goons. Kalpana gets nervous seeing the fire. Amuthanayaki prays to god. Another side Shenbagam also praying for her family. Arjun showing black and blue to them. Some goons runs from there so Arjun starts search for them and beats them. He is returning to the temple to save Roja. Meanwhile Roja is still doing pooja.

Shenbagam and Amuthanayaki are praying for Roja. Arjun notices the goon spying Roja so he caught him. He beats him to know the matter. He informs to Arjun about everything. Arjun rushes towards Roja to rescue her. Arjun says to all that they planned to kill Roja. Balu and Pratap stops him. Kalpana pleada to Amuthanayaki to rescue Roja but she is keep praying. Annapoorna is also stopping Arjun from going near Roja. God opens her eyes. Roja comes out of the fire circle without touching the fire. She places the hut under the god feet without any injury. All are staring Roja in shock. Sakshi and Anu doubts how is this possible. Kalpana and Arjun enquires to Roja how is she feeling? Is she alright? Roja replies to them that she has no idea what happened to her. She felt like someone holdes her hand and takes her out of fire.

Kalpana happiness having no bounds. Roja informs to her that fire is around her but she never felt burning sensation at all. Roja adds that everyone prayer and Arjun’s love only taken her out. Amuthanayaki mentions that Roja is not normal child. That’s why Agni god saved Roja and takeb her out. Amuthanayaki says that one evil tried to kill Roja. Arjun says that Anu done this all. She tried to kill Roja. He tries to strangle her neck but Annapoorna stops him and complaints that he trying to kill Anu. Arjun alerts Annapoorna by confessing the truth about Anu but she didn’t give heed to him. Annapoorna says that both completed the pooja so its tough to judge. Amuthanayaku mentions Annapoorna name angrily.

Episode end.