Roja 3rd February 2021 Written Update: God asks Roja to do Agni pooja

Roja 3rd February 2021 Written Update on

Today’s episode starts with the priest doing pooja to god. Kalpana pray to god that Pooja became her daughter in law she wanna bless her. Annapoorna saying to Anu that Kalpana like her a lot she brought necklace and bangle for her like Roja. Kalpana gives bangles to Roja and makes her wear the necklace.

Then Kalpana takes another set so everyone think its for Anu but she crossed her and give the bangles to Pooja and make her wear the necklace. She gets blessings from her. Anu is glaring her. Annapoorna question her why did she gave that bangles to Pooja? Kalpana replies she was staring her so she gave it to her. Yasodha says that she gave to Roja she came to our house without our wish though its acceptable but its not fair to give it to Pooja.

Arjun replies Roja came because he loved her. Annapoorna says that Anu is the one deserve that bangle. Kalpana says that we are for her but Pooja has no one here. Annapoorna says if we allow her then she will stole everything from them and enter into their house. Roja deny it. Yasodha says she has no background that’s she is supporting her. Arjun tease her that she is eating in his money too. Pratap ask them to stop fighting and distribute the sweets.

Roja praying to god and saying that Arjun saved her from the danger. One by one circumstances are pushing them in danger so save her from all. Roja prays to Shenbagam the garland fall on her neck. She stares the photo emotionally. She hears one sound that saying to her that her bad time gonna end. Till the day she used to hear that she is parentless kid. She got saved from burning in fire. That fire will show her mom to her. She gonna meet her mom if she do fire pooja for 7 days. Roja gets happy and rushed to see Arjun.

Arjun saying to Roja that she looks different. Roja narrating everything to him whatever she heard. Arjun replies it may be true he is trusting her. He ask her to do all the pooja which giving pleasure to her. Roja ask him to do Annadhanam in temple but Arjun ask her to do it in home. Roja says they will create problem more then Kalpana is not here. Arjun says he will support her.

Arjun sits beside Annapoorna and says he wanna do Annadhanam here because God ask Roja to do it. Annapoorna laughs and says she don’t trust it. He says strictly that he wanna do it so he need her support. Annapoorna deny it so he says her name is Annapoorani then why did she deny it. Yasodha ask him to say the reason he replies that he will say later.

Anu tease Roja that she has no one then how will she do this pooja. Arjun says to her he will do this pooja because if she do it then Roja mom will come back to her. Anu gets scared. Annapoorna says to Arjun don’t fall for her trick she is lying. No god talked with her these many years then how will god talk with her. Roja staring her emotionly.

Episode end.