Roja 3rd March 2021 Written Update: Aswin insults Arjun

Roja 3rd March 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Arjun says to Aswin that he shouldn’t do agreement marriage. Aswin replies to him that he done agreement marriage with Roja. Arjun tries to explain him that his situation is different that time. Now he understood Roja and accepted her as his wife. Aswin says that others fails to understand Roja. Aswin says to Arjun that he going to stay in Purushothaman house as a servant for 30days. If he impress Purushothaman by doing this works well he will give Pooja’s hand to him. Arjun says to him that Purushothaman tries to insults him for the insult he faced in Purushothaman.

Arjun adds that Aswin studied a lot and a big businessman why did he going to do this servant job in Purushothaman house. Purushothaman replies to Arjun that he understood him well because he is a lawyer. Its also one of the reason and he wishes to see Pooja is living well. Aswin replies to him that he wants to work there to prove himself.

Aswin says that Roja is smart enough to cheat others. Arjun assures to Aswin that he will solve everything. Aswin says to him that he blamed Anu as the reason though he can’t able to kick her out of the house. That Njanavelu cheated his land still he can’t able to catch him.

Roja sell his land for 25 lakhs though he can’t able to stop her. Comparing to him its better to work in Purushothaman house. He wants to less the sin. Arjun says to Purushothaman that Pooja won’t accept it. Pooja replies to him that she is mere a spectator here. Arjun says clearly that no one can’t separate Aswin and Pooja its fixed. Purushothaman deny it.

Arjun says to Aswin he will finish the formalities for him as a lawyer atleast. Shenbagam praying to god. Vimala teases Shenbagam for behaving weird. She mentions her that she is turning to mental slowly. Shenbagam asks her to watch her word. Shenbagam narrates to Vimala, one saint Devanayaki informed to her that her husband is still alive. She has child. Shenbagam explains to her about the importance of nuptial chain.

Vimala teases her again. Shenbagam asks her to stop hurting her. Dean comes there and asks Vimala to stop talking like this. Shenbagam stops Dean scolding her and supports her. Shenbagam shares Therasa life story to him. Dean praises her. He says to Shenbagam that they are going to conduct camp in Jail. He asks Shenbagam to join with them. Shenbagam nods.

Doctor is checking Kalpana. Kalpana is too tired. Doctor complaints to Pratap that her Bp is high and sugar level is low. She is in this state because she is not taking food. Doctor asks Arjun to bring back Aswin that’s the only medicine for her. Pratap advises to Kalpana that he will admit her in hospital if she don’t take food properly. Roja comes there with milk. She is feeling dizzy. Kalpana asks her to go from there. Roja hands slips milk fall on Kalpana’s hand. Annapoorna starts scolding Roja. Arjun supporting Roja and says to all that Roja is also skipping food like Kalpana. Pratap asks Annapoorna to stop arguing till Aswin come. Purushothaman brings Aswin to Arjun’s house.

Episode end.