Roja 3rd May 2021 Written Update: Manickam doing rituals for Shenbagam

Roja 3rd May 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Arjun says to Aswin that he will unite him with Pooja. Arjun asks Aswin to visit home often. He says to her that Pooja is his so nothing to worry. Mom is worrying about him. He needs his help in this matter. Arjun says to him that he wants to prepare something before everyone getting ready. Kalpana, Pratap and Annapoorna enquires about Aswini well about. She says to him that she missed him a lot. Arjun asks her to wait he has one surprise for her. She complaints that he only know to raise her anger. Aswin asks her to listen him. He closes her eyes. She scolds him for closing her eyes. Arjun shows some toys to her.

Annapoorna questions him why did he giving this toys to her? Arjun says to her that he has a reason behind it. He says to her its all Anu’s favourite playing things. She asks her to choose her favourite toy. Annapoorna feels emotional and takes the toy in her hand. Arjun says to her that he will make her understand who is real Anu. Annapoorna says to him that today is important day. He is making her crying thinking about it all. Anu played with this toy at last. Police give this to them as last thing of Shenbagam. Anu comes there and complaints to her that today is her mother death day why is she playing with this things. She throws it down.

Annapoorna asks Anu to choose one toy from it. Which she played with often more in her childhood days. Anu thinks that all are trying to trap her in it. She takes one and says to her she played with it. Annapoorna complaints that this toy belongs to Yasodha’s kids. Kalpana says to Roja that these are her childhood playing things. She asks her to take her favourite things. Roja takes the correct one and plays with it. She says to them that her mom brought it for her in her childhood days. She still remembers this sound. Arjun says that she is real one not Anu. Look at her what did she took in her hand. Aswin too supports Arjun.

Anu complaints that Shenbagam died 20 years before who will remind this all. Roja deny it and says she is alive. Yesterday she came to her dream. Anu says that she is keep lying. Pratap gets a call and informs to all that Manickam reaches to temple. They leaves to temple. Roja is keep thinking about her mom. Shenbagam reaches to the same temple. Manickam is doing the rituals there. Shenbagam is praying in another side for her family.

Shenbagam sits in temple. She is getting blurry images of her past she visited that temple along with her husband and daughter. She notices one child going there she reminds of her daughter. Shenbagam mentions her name as ‘Anu’. Annapoorna and Roja starts feeling restless. Those couples says to them that one lady helped their daughter. She mentions her as Anu. May her daughter name is Anu.

Manickam is following all rituals. Roja is feeling nervous there. Shenbagam is taking round in temple. Pandith gives rice to him for Bali. He asks him to change the position of his poonool. He splashes water on that rice. Roja feels nervous and staring everything in silent.

Episode end.