Roja 3rd November 2020 Written Update: Roja learned the truth of Aswin secret marriage

Roja 3rd November 2020 Written Update on

Today episode starts with Roja sitting in her bed thinking about the recent incident. Arjun says to Roja that he done wrong not proving before the way he did this time. Roja gets shock and ask to him what did he mean? Arjun replies to her did she have any doubt that Anu didn’t mix the poison in Athirasam. Did she really done it?

Arjun mocks her that she has enemy from london. Except Anu whom have vengence on her? Roja nods in understand. Arjun says to her that he faced many dons and criminals but this small thief is getting into his nerve. If he do anything nothing will work out we wanna lock her up on correct time. Roja complaints to Arjun that even after proving her deeds to Annapoorna she is not ready to believe it.

Arjun says to her that’s not the trust on Anu actually she don’t have big affection on her she don’t like Roja so whoever are against her Annapoorna support them its simple. Roja commented we should save Aswin from Anu and get him married to Pooja. Arjun stare her. Roja added poor Aswin is in bad state this Anu is planning to marry him at any cost. We must do something to unite Pooja and Aswin. Still Annapoorna believing that Anu can marry Aswin.

 Arjun stare her. Roja misunderstand it as romance. He ask her to come near him. Roja replies to him that he has no sense to romance at which time? Roja blushes. Arjun goes behind her and whisper into her ears its an important matter. Aswin married Pooja. Roja starts to laugh and says don’t joke like this. Arjun ask her to believe him they got married in real. Roja get surprised listening it and ask to him when did this happen?

 Arjun narrates to Roja that he noticed her thaali on temple while praying for him. When he questioned about it she narrated to him how did both ended up marrying each other without option. Roja says to him still she couldn’t believe it. Arjun says to her atleast he married Roja and bring her to home honestly but look at him he secretly married her and still maintain it as secret from all. Roja says to him somehow he got escaped from Anu she is so happy let’s share this news to Kalpana she will be more happy.

 Arjun stops her and says it will create more problem here already Aswin not in good state more then they will blame Arjun for it. They will say he taught him to do it or he learned it from him. Arjun ask Roja to ask Pooja to come here. She deny it because they will create problem if they sees her. Arjun says to her nothing will happen call her. She nods. Roja called Pooja and informs to her.

Pooja coming to his house in scooty. Aswin staring Pooja picture in mobile. Roja waiting for her in terrace  to come. Arjun says to Aswin he will get suffocate inside so accompany him to get fresh air from terrace. Anu comes there and saw them. She says they have so much unity that’s why she couldn’t do anything there she will break it and send everyone outside of the house.

Arjun assures to Aswin he will show a different world to him if he accompany him. Here Pooja reached outside. Roja informs to her to come up using ladder she opened door for her. Pooja used ladder and came up as she said. Roja welcomed her and ask to her Is it tough to use ladder? She replies nothing is harder to her then meeting Aswin.

 Arjun takes Aswin out and ask to him what did he think about Pooja. He replies to him Pooja is his everything. Arjun ask to talk with his family then. Aswin says its not the correct time to talk. Arjun advise him to marry her secretly. Aswin says its wrong. Atjun glares him and about to beat him. Pooja stops him. Aswin surprised to see her there.

Roja says to him they thought its not right thing to separate husband and wife long. Aswin acts like not understanding anything. Arjun says fo him that he find out the secret marriage. He didn’t inform to him but Pooja did. Arjun ask to him why did he hide it from them? Aswin replies to him its not like hiding from him but their situation forced them to do it.

Roja says let’s give privacy to them by saying this they leaves. Aswin and Pooja romancing each other in terrace. Arjun and Roja protecting them. Anu used this situation and tries to enter in Aswin room. She noticed the camera there and put a cloth on it. She then changed the tablet of Aswin. She says now she is in urge to kill him because she wanna send Roja into jail orelse she will prove her identity. So sending her to jail is important then marrying Aswin.