Roja 3rd September 2020 Written Update: Anu scared to take the blood test

Roja 3rd September 2020 Written Update on

Today episode starts with Roja remove the picture of Renuka which is hanging on wall and tries to remove the screw from wall. Ashok selvan reach there on time and about to go to his room , Arjun notices his entry  and stops him going further. Ashok apologies to Arjun for not noticing him in hurry.

Arjun ask to him why did he return back soon because he left just before ? He informs him that he forget one important file so he is here to collect that back. When he again try to go he stops him again to talk with him. He informs him that he is in hurry . Arjun ask him to drink a coffee with him , and use some twisting words to confuse him .

Ashok replies him that he can’t understand anything . He even complaints to him that his words are always puzzles to him .Arjun said its good for sometimes when we are not understanding the things going on indirectly. He ask some help to him to divert his concentration. Renuka comes there and ask the same question why did he come back early .

He explain the same thing to her and inform her that Arjun asked help from him. Renuka says strictly to Ashok , he might help Arjun in everything because its the first time he is asking help to us. He assure her that he will do it in single call. Ashok ask about Roja to him ? Arjun lie to Ashok that Roja is not at all minding him after her engagement fixed with Ashok.

He feels happy . Renuka added further that she starts to take care of his things now she is cleaning in his room. Ashok feel excited and rushed to his room to see Roja. Arjun too follows him back in tension .

Roja trying hard to loosen the screw but nothing going good to her , she feels tired , screw drive fell down from her hand , she about to take it but some foot steps stopped her doing it . That sound nearing his room so she fixed the frame on same position like before and acted like cleaning the dust using her sarie edge .

Ashok enters in and looking for her , his attention turns towards her . He shouts her name  on high pitch.  Roja scared to hell hearing his tone. He ask her in anger what did she doing here ? Roja stammers without answer. Arjun waiting outside of the room incase if he go overboard he can enter in to rescue Roja manner .

Ashok scold her for entering into his room , Roja stare him in terrified look. But soon he burst out in laugh seeing her innocence. Roja feels relieved when he said he just kidding her . He mention to her that her face is worth to watch , only Roja knew how did she visited hell door . Roja wish to go out but Ashok ask her to stay back. She tells him in gentle way its not good to stay in one room before marriage. He understood her point of view and ask her to leave .

Aswin and her family reach the hospital to take the test . Anu keeps thinking about the result  . Her fear is written on her face already. Annapoorna ask her to be cool and console her in gentle way. She tried to reason that Aswin is doing this test for her future baby.

Kalpana joined with her and force her to go in indirect way. Anu doubts her act remembering Sakshi word. Pratap inform to doctor for what purpose they are here ? Doctor praises the thought of Aswin and advice them its indeed an good decision.

Roja informs to Arjun that she met with yaman for a second but he didn’t done anything for her . He teases her that someone can loose 100 screw in that mean time but she can’t do one . Roja tells him that theory is easy but practical is tough.

She complaints to him that neither he didn’t give any signal to her about his entry nor stop him. Arjun confess to her whatever he done. Roja tells him she can’t do any  more adventure but wanna be a wife of him always. He hugs her in consoling way and ask her to be relax.

Aswin gave his  blood samples for test  . Everyone ask Anu to go but she hesitate to go .