Roja 4th February 2021 Written Update: Anu planning to stop Roja

Roja 4th February 2021 Written Update on

Today episode starts with Annapoorna teasing Roja that she was doing pooja in that pooja room these many years but no god talked with her but today that god talked with Roja Isn’t it funny? Roja replies she is saying the truth. Anu says that Roja fears that she has no relation with her remains also leave her so she is lie like this check her with psychatric. Arjun says if Roja wanna see doctor then where will Anu go and meet him? He repeats to her that Roja has all relations.

Arjun family is hers too. More then that God is with her always. Annapoorna says that she won’t allow this to happen. Arjun chellenge her that Annadhanam will happen and Roja mom will comes here its his challenge by saying he takes Roja from there. Annapoorna says that he is making fun of us. Anu staring Shenbagam photo and thinks what if Arjun meet Shenbagam? She wish to stop the Annadhanam and Shenbagam coming to this house.

Anu calls to Divya and ask to her about Shenbagam. She replies to her that her goons are following her. Anu remind her that she is living in this identity if its proves that she is not Shenbagam daughter then they will kick her out. Yasodha is sitting in hall. Arjun comes there holding gold chain. Seeing it Yasodha says that Roja is lucky that’s why he is bringing jewels to her often unlike Balu.

Arjun gift that chain to her and ask her to join in his team. She says to him that Annapoorna is listening only Anu words that’s why she is in her side. Arjun ask her to help him. She assures to him. Arjun says to Roja she is on his side. But Yasodha inform this to Balu and says she will never betray Anu because her side gonna win at the end. Balu ask to her then why did she get chain from him? She replies why should she miss the oppurtunity to get something from him. Balu praise her as brilliant

Roja asking menu to Annapoorna she replies to her that she don’t like it all. Balu ask Roja to change the menu. Annapoorna says that she don’t like her giving Annadhanam. Anu says that she turns this house as pooja hall. Roja replies that she made this house as temple and worshipping god like Kalpana. Anu question her Is she and Kalpana same? Roja replies not at all atleast she is trying she is doing all these for our family.

Annapoorna says to her if she leave this house and Arjun forever then that will be a good for her family then she will arrange Anu and Arjun marriage. Roja replies she will die then leaving him. Annapoorna complaints she won’t listen. Anu says that she done some magic to him. Roja replies he is supporting to her because he loving her. Arjun brings Sumathi there for Roja help. Annapoorna complaints that he is not respecting her words.

Arjun says strictly whatever you guys wanna do this Annadhanam will happen. Anu, Balu and Yasodha planning to ruin this Annadhanam.

Episode end.