Roja 4th January 2021 Written Update: Arjun and Aswin fighting with goons

Roja 4th January 2021 Written Update on

Today’s episode starts with Arjun informing everything to Aswin in phone. He got tensed hearing it. He assures to him that he will be there in minutes. Arjun caressing Roja and saying to her nothing will happen to her. Sakshi’s goons reach there and blocked the Ambulance way. Arjun thinks why did Ambulance stopped its not moving. He comes out of it and witness goons are surrounding the Ambulance. Arjun starts to fight with them. Roja and all kids are still in unconscious state.

Here Pooja asking to Aswin what’s the matter why did he talked to Arjun sir in tensed? He shouts on her to sit silent he will inform everything once they reach there. Arjun fighting with them but one goon hit on his head so he starts to feel dizzy. He about to fall Aswin reach there. He ask Pooja to check Roja in Amblulance. She runs towards her. Aswin hold Arjun and make him sit in jeep. He starts to fight with the goons there.

Pooja trying to wake Roja she is blabbering in unconscious state. Arjun gets his conscious he noticed Aswin fighting with goons so he goes near him to help him. Both brothers shows black and blue to them. Arjun gets inside the Ambulance and Aswin starts driving it. Arjun crying holding Roja. Pooja also crying. Arjun saying to her that nothing will happen to Roja because she used to think about everyone happiness. Nothing will go wrong with her.

They reached in hospital. Arjun informs to the manager that Ashramam kids got food poisoned give immediate treatment to them. He informed it to M.D he replies to him that its not free treatment place. If we do free treatment to them then how will we run the hospital no one will pay the fees so inform to them that we are lack of bed here. He informed to Arjun about it he talking with M.D. he says to him that he is ready to spend money as much they want so treat them. He informs about his identity too. He ask them to take nearby hospital for quick treatment.

They reach in Sankaran Hospital. Arjun pleads him to do treatment to them. He replies to him he wish to treat them too but here facilities are less. Arjun ask him to do the first aid. They admitted them in ward. Shenbagam also there and doing treatment to all. Arjun is crying there and ask Aswin to hide this matter from Kalpana.

She calls him so he lied to her. Arjun ask him to leave from there orelse everyone will get doubts. Aswin leaves while going Shenbagam crosses him. He stares her once and leaves. Roja felt suffocation so Arjun standing beside her worried. Shenbagam about to enter the room but leaves to check kids.

Episode end.