Roja 4th June 2021 Written Update: Judge releases Shanthamoorthy from jail

Roja 4th June 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Manickam complaints that Arjun is making fun of all in court . Arjun shouldn’t have argue favouring Shanthamoorthy reasoning Roja is his wife. Arjun complaints if he is thinking that he can’t get justice from him then Anu is mentioning Manickam as Father. How will he expect the same from him. Judge says that Anu already accepted her crime. Manickam says that Anu is mentally disturbed she is blabbering often. Famous psychiatrist gave certificate about her mental problem.Anu needs treatment. Arjun says that Manickam should have proceed it morning itself. Judge agrees with Arjun.

Arjun informs to Judge that from morning Manickam is inside the court he went out in noon so he understood that he will bring some certificate like this. Judge announces that Sakshi might be in jail for 30 days. Anu is in under investigation so she might be in jail too. Manickam says that Anu didn’t changed the evidence intentionally but circumstances made her do it. Judge says she can’t able to accept this as a reason. Manickam asks Judge to send Anu in his own bail.

Arjun says it’s in the first stage of investigation. If she free Anu then she will destroy the evidence. It’s not a simple case if they dig many evidence will come. He asks Judge to send Anu and Sakshi to be in jail till he finds the evidence against them. He wanna find the more link in it. Judg gives order to send Anu and Sakshi inside the jail. Shanthamoorthy was bearing the punishment for 1 years without committing any mistakes. So she is releasing him from this case reasoning Anu gave statement against Sakshi. Roja turns to happy after hearing the news.

Roja takes Shanthamoorthy out. Nadeen brings garland and puts it on Shanthamoorthy neck. Roja gets blessings from him and shares her happiness with him. Shanthamoorthy says to him that she worked hard to take him out instead of living with Arjun happily. Arjun says that Roja married to him to release Shanthamoorthy from jail
Shanthamoorthy says to Roja that her heart is pure so she will be happy in future. He praises Arjun and Roja and blesses them.
Arjun asks Shanthamoorthy to continue running his orphanage. Many homeless people wanna get gain from this. He wanna feed to all. Shanthamoorthy says that he has nothing in his hand now. Arjun assures to him let’s start one orphanage in his mom name and he donates 10lakhs money to him as donation. Shanthamoorthy praises their good act and leaves from there. Sakshi and Anu comes out of the jail. Annapoorna cries seeing Anu under police custody.

Annapoorna goes behind Anu but Arjun and Roja stands there in silent. Everyone comes there. Sakshi says to Anu that she shows her real self to her. Anu tries do explain her but Sakshi threaten her that she saw Sakshi as a friend till she gonna see whom Sakshi is here after. She says to Anu that she won’t come out of jail alive. Manickam assures to Anu he will take care of her. He will appeal to high court and release her from jail. Annapoorna complaints that he can’t able to save his own daughter. Manickam informs to her that Arjun is the reason he may happy today for winning in this case but soon he will realize it’s not his real victory.

Manickam says to Roja that she send his daughter Anu to jail by mentioning him as father. Arjun interrupts him and says that Roja didn’t send her to jail but Anu’s wrong deeds. He complaints she is not Anu in first place she is Priya. He will prove the truth who is Anu soon. How did Anu accepted her mistakes same way he will accept Roja as his daughter. That day is not so far. Arjun asks Roja to not worry about Manickam words. He is talking like that because he lost in the case. Annapoorna reminds how did she teased Arjun. She reminds how did Manickam brings Anu to house for the first time. Roja reaches to house Kalpana asks her to stop.

Episode end.