Roja 4th March 2021 Written Update: Purushothaman insults Annapoorna

Roja 4th March 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Purushothaman calls Aswin to come inside. Seeing him Kalpana gets happy and runs towards him.
Kalpana asks Aswin to come in. Purushothaman orders Aswin to do his job. Roja informs to Aswin that Kalpana falls sick without him. Purushothaman asks him to do the work. Annapoorna questions Purushothaman how dare him to mention Aswin is his servant.

Purushothaman insults Annapoorna by saying Aswin agree to work under him as servant for 30days. He signed in the agreement. He throws the paper on Annapoorna face. Pratap asks Aswin to go in. Purushothaman again says to them clearly that Aswin is his servant. Kalpana pleads with Aswin to come back. Purushothaman says clearly its court order. Arjun is the one prepared this agreement. Pratap says to him he can’t able to agree this. Purushothaman says to all its condemn of court that’s why Arjun is silent. Annapoorna complaints that something is wrong in it. Arjun and Roja planned this all to get the property. Purushothaman clears with all that Aswin took this decision by himself.

Kalpana questions Aswin why did he doing this all? Arjun asks her to take care of her health. Kalpana replies that she will die. Aswin clears to her that he took this decision by herself. Anu starts badmouthing Purushothaman. He asks her to shut her mouth. Kalpana asks Aswin to forget this all.

Kalpana pleads to Aswin to come back. Kalpana pleads Purushothaman to forgive all. Annapoorna blames Roja for it. Purushothaman used this chance to insult him. Arjun supporting him because of Roja. Purushothaman asks Annapoorna to stop complaining others. She used to blame others. Arjun and Roja is not responsible for this. Aswin take this decision in his own. Annapoorna questions him who is he to give job to him?

Purushothaman says to Annapoorna that he don’t wish to do this all. Everyone betrayed Aswin here, he came to his house. He has no option left then helping him if he fails to do this, then Aswin may end up kill himself. He himself said this. Everyone stares Aswin in questioning way. Aswin says to Kalpana that Roja cheated him he shouldn’t trust her. Purushothaman says to Aswin that he will give 5 min time to him. He can take his clothes. His son clothes won’t fit him that’s why he took him here. Purushothaman asks Aswin to clean his shoe.

Kalpana says to Aswin he is her son he shouldn’t do this all. Aswin says to her that he is mere a servant now. He is cleaning his shoe. Kalpana stops him and says still she is alive so she can’t allow him to do this all. Kalpana starts cleaning his shoe. Arjun and Aswin stops her. Arjun shouts on Purushothaman. Aswin says to Kalpana clearly that Purushothaman will allow him to marry Pooja if he do this all. Anu shouts on Purushothaman. Purushothaman insults Anu. Aswin leaves to take his clothes. Arjun consoles Kalpana and says he will prove Roja’s innocence soon. He will deal with Aswin later. Annapoorna thinks Purushothaman touched her prestige so she won’t leave him.

Shenbagam and team are doing camp in jail. Shanthamoorthy is inside the jail. Warden comes there to take him out for check up. He is talking with him like give up soul. He convinces Shanthamoorthy and takes him out. He feels dizzy. Shenbagam notices him and rushes towards him. She asks him to share with her if anything bothering him.

Episode end.