Roja 4th November 2020 Written Update: Aswin got sick again

Roja 4th November 2020 Written Update on

Today episode starts with Anu exchanged the tablet packet and thinks its an very high poison. If Aswin takes it then he have no chance to survive. Now she is in urge to send Roja to jail for that she must use Aswin for it. Sending Roja to jail is important to her then marrying Aswin. She takes the orginal tablet with her and leaves from there.

Arjun and Roja are in terrace. Kalpana coming to Aswin room while shouting their names. Roja informs to Arjun that Kalpana searching for them. When she find out Aswin is not in his room then she will comes straight to here then she will find out Pooja here. Arjun replies to her casually that he will inform to her that Roja helped Pooja by giving ladder. Roja glared him and says she will inform to her that he gave this plan.

Arjun surprised hearing it. Arjun complaints to her that they are studying lKG but they crossed 1std now in terrace. When Kalpana comes to Aswin room he is not there. Anu hides in her room. Kalpana searching for him in his room. Arjun and Roja wish to scare them. They pranked Aswin and Pooja by saying Kalpana name. They scared for a second. Roja says to her time is over so go to home using ladder then continue their talk in phone. Arjun takes Aswin down. Kalpana ask to them where were they?

Arjun informs to her they went to terrace for a fresh air. Kalpana replies to him that he is sick so she doubts will his body react to mist. She make him sit. She ask to Roja did Aswin take medicine. She replies as no. Roja gives medicine to him without noticing it. Anu confirms him take it and leaves.

Arjun helping him by massaging his leg. Roja staring them. Aswin thanked Arjun for arrange a meeting with Pooja. Arjun assures to him that he will help him to get married to Pooja. Aswin feels uneasy. Aswin holds Arjun hands and fall down unconscious. Arjun and Roja shouts and admit him in hospital.

In hospital Doctors are checking Aswin. Kalpana is crying for him. Pratap is consoling her. Roja also crying beside her. Annapoorna, Yasodha, Balu, and Anu also there and glaring Roja. Annapoorna complaints to Kalpana that Roja is the reason behind his state. When she entered into our house all problems begins.

She is the one creating all problems here. Doctor informed to them that Aswin medicine got exchanged. That medicine is not suggested by him. Its an high dosage medicine that mixed in his blood and turns to poison. They must wait and see his result they can’t able to give guarantee in this case.

Annapoorna starts to blame Roja again and says to her she tried to kill Aswin. Yaodha says that Aswin is in critical stage. Anu cries near Annapoorna fakely. Annapoorna says to Kalpana that Anu worried for him but this Roja standing here without emotion. Where is Arjun after admitting him here where did he went? Roja replies to her that he went to meet the doctor.

 Yasodha complaints that he didn’t went to rescue Aswin but his wife Roja from murder case. They have no feelings on him. Roja deny it and says Arjun likes him a lot so don’t talk like this. Annapoorna says don’t lie he likes Roja then him. Annapoorna added that When Roja entered into our house all problem begins. Kalpana deny it and says even Anu came on same time. Why don’t she blame her. Her daughter in law Roja won’t do such mistakes but she knew who will do it all.

Pratap says he gonna complaint to Commissioner he will find out everything. Anu thinks if commissioner involved then her game will be revealed so she wish to send Roja to jail using Dhanam.

Anu provoking Annapoorna to give complaint on Roja for trying to kill Aswin. Anu keeps influencing her against Roja. Annapoorna staring Roja in hate hearing Anu words.