Roja 5th April 2021 Written Update: Manickam meets with an accident

Roja 5th April 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Arjun says that Roja is our Shenbagam’s daughter. Annapoorna says to him that Anu and Roja both completed the pooja well. So she can’t able to take a decision. Arjun says to Annapoorna it is not fair. Annapoorna complaints that Roja is the care of platform. Arjun offers shelter to her then how will she claim to be her granddaughter? Arjun gets angry to hear it. Roja stands there silent.

Amuthanayaki advises to Annapoorna that destiny sometimes makes people blind. But one day she will come to her when will she learning the truth. Annapoorna deny her and says to her that Anu is her granddaughter by saying it she leaves. Roja and Arjun are going in car. Roja asks Arjun to stop staring at her. Arjun teases her that he can’t able to take his eyes from her. Arjun adds that Roja won the competition though Annapoorna didn’t announce her as winner. Roja consoles him by saying atleast she didn’t announced Anu as winner. Arjun says that he will never allow her to do such things. Arjun and Roja are having some quality times. Arjun says to Roja that he takes her out to appreciates her work. Naveen calls to Arjun and informs to him that one urgent case is here to attend. Arjun asks Naveen to give him some time to spend with Roja. He says to him that hearing is at 2 pm.

Roja asks Arjun to leave without worrying about her. Arjun says that all wife used to ask their husband to spend time with them avoiding important matters. Roja is opposite to them. Roja says to him that she can able to understand him. She asks Arjun to stop her near by she will take auto to go home. Arjun agrees with her. He drops her and leaves from there. Annapoorna says to Anu firstly Roja won the test. Though she lied to all its a draw to save her. Anu tries to manipulate Annapoorna. She lied to her that Manickam scolds her for participated in it. Ma

Manickam calls to Anu. She puts it in speaker. Manickam enquires to Anu about her health. Manickam asks Annapoorna to stop testing his daughter. He has no doubts on Anu. She is his daughter, so don’t try to hurt her again. He informs to Annapoorna that Shenbagam left him 20 years before. Still, he didn’t get out of that sorrow, so don’t try to separate Anu from him.
Anu provokes Manickam against Roja. She adds that Roja the one whom asked Arjun to conduct this. Manickam says that he don’t like Roja at all reasoning Arjun is supporting her lot. Annapoorna supports Kalpana and Arjun. She says to him that Kalpana is innocent. She is recently listening to Arjun that’s the problem. Manickam notices Roja there. He shouts as Roja! Manickam crosses the road without noticing the vehicle. He hits by a car. Roja shouts as Father! Then rushes towards him. Annapoorna and Anu are suspecting what’s happening there.

Shenbagam is praying breeze are high there. Lamp’s light is about to off. Roja takes Manickam into ambulance and taking him to Hospital. She is trying to wake him up while going to hospital. Shenbagam prays for Manickam’s health. Roja reaches to hospital. Receptionist asks Roja to take admission first. She gives the information to them. She asks Roja to give complaint to police station first. Roja lashes out at them for not taking him in. She is arguing with the receptionist. She says to Roja its police case so they can’t accept the patient without proper complaint. Doctor comes there Roja informs to him that her father is in danger. She pleads him to save Manickam. He checks Manickam and ask Roja to give complaint to police station. He assures to her that he will start the treatment.

Roja informs to the receptionist that his name is Tiger Manickam. He is a lawyer. Receptionist ask her to give the police complaint as per Doctor said. Then pay 50 thousand rupees advance. Roja gets shock to hear it. Receptionist informs to Roja that they will never accept the admission without deposit. It is in hospital rules. Roja gives her jewels to her and ask her to start the treatment by receiving it. After her husband come here he will pay the rest. Roja calls to Arjun and informs to him about everything. Roja narrates the hospital incident to him. Arjun gets shock to hear it! Arjun consoles Roja that Manickam will be alright. He questions her about her location. She says to him that she is near by hospital. Arjun assures to her that he will be there in few minutes.

Episode end.