Roja 5th February 2021 Written Update: Anu disturbing Roja’s cooking

Roja 5th February 2021 Written Update on

Today episode starts with Yasodha tells to Anu that Roja presented sweet to god morning in village its not possible to do alone someone else helped her. Balu added that how much they try Roja will win at the end. Anu asks him to stop praising her and give some idea to ruin the Annadhanam. He tells her to mix soil in the food. Roja and Sumathi are cutting vegetables.

Roja informs Sumathi that she heard God’s voice. God said to her if she completes the pooja and gives Annadhanam to people she can able to meet her mom. Sumathi says may that god also can’t able to see that Annapoorna and Anu treating her. Roja added that if she comes to know about her whereabouts she will bring her. She replies Arjun will help her.

Anu hears it and inform to Annapoorna about it she calls Roja and ask her to clean her room and toilet. She deny it reasoning she wanna cook for Annadhanam. So she ask Anu to do it. Annapoorna tells that Anu is rich one her father is an lawyer how will she do such works? Roja replies its for one day she wanna do Annadhanam work . Annapoorna tease her that whatever she do her mom won’t come so clean the room or else she will do it. Roja stops her and starts working there.

Anu informs to Yasodha she makes her busy. Balu asks Anu to check Sumathi she is cutting vegetables. Anu asks Sumathi to arrange the pooja room she goes from there without option. Then the trio throws all the vegetables in the dustbin. Sumathi gets worried when she finds all the vegetables in the dustbin. Sumathi informs everything to Roja that Anu threw everything into the dustbin. Annapoorna complains that she did by herself and blaming others. Roja tells them whoever tries to stop her she will do this Annadhanam at any cost.

Arjun calls her and enquire about how’s the Annadhanam working going on? She tells him everything going on. Arjun appologize to her for not able to help her because of his client meeting. Roja lies to him again he informs to her he will bring the people there. Roja says she will satisfy everyone .

Roja and Sumathi did their cooking Kalpana comes there and greet them. She praises her cooking. Sumathi informs her that Anu gave a headache to them. Plumbers come there to repair the pipe. Roja asks them to do it later reasoning her food will be spoil. They ask them to give 10 minutes for them. They give spaces to them. Anu asks Balu to mix soil in the food.

Episode end.