Roja 5th January 2021 Written Update: Shenbagam hides from Sakshi’s sight

Roja 5th January 2021 Written Update on

Today’s episode starts with Roja is suffering to get breath. She is feeling suffocated there. Arjun question the doctor what happened to Roja? She replies to him that usually, food poison patients will never get this type of symptoms so its really confusing her. She wanna consult it with a doctor soon by saying she rushed out in hurry. Arjun keeps caressing Roja cheek and asking her to get up.

Roja is in an unconscious state. Arjun crying badly for her. Shenbagam is checking all the kids there one nurse informed to her that kids are suffering to take breath. Sankaran is also there and informs to him that kids are suffering to take a breath. He says to her it don’t seem Food poison case. Because we attended many food poison case here they used to vomit or get will soon in our medicine but here all is different. All are suffering to take breath its seems something mixed in that food.

Doctors are checking them and say immediately they need oxygen so bring that oxygen cylinder. They give an oxygen mask to all patients. Arjun is worrying for Roja there. Anu and Sakshi reach the hospital. After giving oxygen masks too patients are not cooperating with it. Suddenly all power cut there. Everyone complained to Shankaran its power cut just on the generator. The doctor informs to them. There is no diesel here to on it. Due to storm, all petrol pumps are closed here.

Shenbagam and Shankaran discussing to do something soon. Just then Shenbagam noticed Anu and Sakshi coming there. Seeing them she get alert. She hides from them. Sakshi and Anu going to spy on Arjun there. Shankaran informs to Doctor that they can’t able to trust this current. Arjun ask him to rescue Roja. He replies to him that he don’t have latest equipment. He need disel to on the generator. He says to him he will bring it so take care of everyone. He ask Pooja to watch Roja. She agrees to him.

Arjun convince the Ambulance driver and take disel from it. He gives it to them. He needs more disel so he is asking lift to all finally he get an cylcle he goes in it. Sakshi says to Anu that he is suffering a lot for Roja. Anu says that’s why she likes to marry him but she is unlucky and Roja is lucky to have him.

But no problem when he is returning Roja will be no more. They leaves from there. Arjun coming in cycle. Doctor ask Pooja to talk with Roja. She is in unconscious state she informs it to Arjun. He is talking with Roja. She gets conscious in his voice. Roja enquire about all and stand adamant to meet others. She is checking Grandpa and Grandma there.

Episode end.