Roja 5th July 2021 Written Update: Shenbagsm escapes from goons

Roja 5th July 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Annapoorna says to Anu that she don’t mind If Roja don’t return to this house but nothing should happen to Arjun reasoning he is her grandson. He is behaving like this to her because of Roja. If she leaves from him then he will change. Anu assures to her that she will pay the amount and finishes that Roja. Annapoorna reminds her she shouldn’t do anything to Arjun she nods and thinks that she sketched for both Arjun and Roja. If she leaves him then he will prove to all that she is not Shenbagam’s daughter. Arjun talking Roja and Kalpana for shopping. Arjun shares to Kalpana that Pratap changed a lot he used to hesitate talk with Roja infront of Annapoorna but he gave amount to him to buy things for Roja.

Kalpana says that Pratap likes Roja a lot he used to say with her if he searches also he can’t able to find a good daughter in law like Roja. Roja shares to him how did he Praised Roja and treating her in good way. Anu and Balu reaches to the auditorium and says to him Arjun is gonna lose his smile from here. Taj Mahal may a tourist place to all but that’s a graveyard to Shahjahan. Same gonna happen in Arjun’s life. He gonna miss his wife and smile here forever. Manager comes out and takes Anu and Balu from there. Arjun shares to Kalpana that he can accept that Pratap supporting them because he is their side. But he can’t able to accept grandma changed.

Kalpana asks him to stop thinking as a criminal lawyer. They are happy to see Annapoorna changes but he is always doubting Annapoorna. Manager shows the room to Anu. Anu says to him that Arjun and Roja will enter into this room alive but they shouldn’t leave from here alive. Their dead body should go out from here. Manager tells her its very risk. Anu says to him that she is ready to give how much he needs but he wanna set the died in short circuit. Then only he can able to escape from this. Roja might die in this accident. Balu questions Anu doesn’t she taking risk? Anu tells him that Roja might die and Arjun wanna turn to mental. Then only her life will be clear. Arjun says to Kalpana that he don’t believe Annapoorna at all she didn’t changed yet. He shares his doubt with them.

Divya is waiting outside the ashramam for her henchman. She alerts them when to kidnap Shenbagam. Divya hides there to kidnap Shenbagam and sits along with other ladies to get Prasad. Shenbagam is serving Prasad to one by one. Shenbagam gives Prasad to Divya she pretends like crying. Shenbagam consoles her and removes the veil from her head. She gets shock to find Divya there. She reminds the past incidents with her. Shenbagam tries to escape from there but Divya pretends like her daughter and mentions to all she is a mental.

Crowd says to them that they noticed her staying here and doing pooja in temple. Divya pretends like crying and lies to all Shenbagam is mental patient. She escaped from her house. Sometimes she do pooja in temple or begging there. Divya makes the crowd believes she was her daughter and Shenbagam is a mental patient. She makes Shenbagam sits inside the car with the help of others. Shenbagam keeps informs to them that she is lying. Shenbagam tries to release her hand from her. Divya threatens Shenbagam that she will hurt her if she don’t stay quiet. She slaps her. Roja asks Arjun to think everything positive. Kalpana tells him that he is ruining Roja’s happiness too in his doubt.

Divya’s car goes to hit Arjun’s car. Arjun gets angry and blocks their way. Goons gets out and goes to argue with them. Kalpana asks him to stop arguing. Goons starts fights with them. Divya threatens Shenbagam to sit quiet without making sound. Kalpana controls Arjun. Shenbagam releases her hand and gets out of the car. Shenbagam hides inside Arjun’s car dicky without anyone knowledge. Arjun sits inside the car and leaves from there.

Episode end.