Roja 5th March 2021 Written Update: Shenbagam learns the truth

Roja 5th March 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Shenbagam splashes water on Shanthamoorthy face. She inquiries to him about his health? She asks him to say if anything bothering him? Shanthamoorthy replies to her that all are taking care of him well though his sin haunting him. He wants to share his secret but couldn’t. Shenbakam questions him what’s bothering him? He says to her that he wishes to meet one girl but he couldn’t something keep stopping him. But seeing her make him feel better. He says that Shenbagam giving an mother feelings to him that’s why she helped him. He blessed her to live long with her family. She replies to him that she is searching for her family.

She asks him to share with him if anything bothering him. He replies to her that he wants to share one secret with her. He runs one asharamam there one girl named Roja grown up there. She is very good in character. She has no one with her. Shenbagam starts feeling emotional hearing Roja name. She remembers her moments with her. Shanthamoorthy says to her that Roja is living in her own family unaware of her relationship with them.

Shanthamoorthy informs to her that Roja’s father is tiger Manickam. Hearing his name Shenbagam starts feeling strange. She asks him to continue. He again says to her clearly that Roja is tiger manickam daughter. Priya went to that house and lie to them she is Anu and living there as Manickam’s daughter. Roja is searching for her family. Arjun is her husband.

Shenbagam says to him that both Roja are same. She will definitely convey this matter to them and kicks out Priya. One goon informs this to Divya. Shenbagam leaves to Annapoorna house. Divya plans to kidnap her. Goons are following Shenbagam. One of the goon pretends like got fix in road. Shenbagam rushes towards him to help. Divya signals the goon. One fake Ambulance comes there and takes Shenbagam in it.

Divya is following the Ambulance. Shenbagam is cursing her fate. Goons closes her mouth. Roja is cleaning the dining. Annapoorna gets a phone call. Annapoorna informs to Kalpana that doctor asks her to come for check up. Kalpana refuses to go with her. Roja says to Annapoorna she will accompany her. Roja says to her that she can think her as stranger and go with her. Annapoorna health is important then anger. Annapoorna thinks that everything going according to her plan so its better to go with Roja. She leaves to take her reports. Sakshi appreciates Divya’s work. Shenbagam is tied in chair.

Shenbagam gets conscious and notices her hands were tied. Sakshi says to Divya, her henchman gave information at correct time orelse this Shenbagam may end up meet Roja. Already everyone thinking that Shenbagam is no more. If she go there she will learn that she is not Saraswathi but Shenbagam. Roja is her daughter and Tiger Manickam is her husband. Shenbagam feels happy to know Roja is her daughter. Sakshi adds that Bhaiyya Ganesh murder case is coming to hearing in two weeks. Arjun is adamant to lock them behind the bars. He shouldn’t win this case. Anu wants to live as a Shenbagam daughter in Annapoorna’s house.

Episode end.