Roja 5th October 2020 Written Update: Chandralekha gives the guest appearance in Wedding Anniversary

Roja 5th October 2020 Written Update on

Today episode starts with Anu handover the Arjun and Roja contract marriage certificate and divorce papper to Manickam. He ia reading it slowly and got shocked to know the truth. He says to Anu that its an important evidence against them. So they cheated everyone these many days hiding the truth. He tells Anu that he decided to attend the Wedding Anniversary not to congratulate them but instead ruin their reputation. How much he insulted him now he got the chance to prove Arjun good for nothing but a arrogant to Pratap and Kalpana. Anu smirks happily.

Arjun, Roja family members reach the mandap except Arjun family none seems to be happy there. Servant already waiting there to take arathi of Arjun and Roja. Annapoorna and Yasodha disliked it. Kalpana ask Arjun to takes Roja inside. Annapoorna replies to her that she doubt if she says no will he stays here and get permission to take her in? He definitely carries her infront of all by ruining her reputation. Kalpana goes in. Yasodha complaints to Anu why did she arranging this all for them. Anu ask her to wait and see

Manickam and Shenbagam shown coming in different vehicle to meet Arjun and Roja but with small difference she is going to her house Manickam to mandap. Roja enters in placing her right leg. Few girls welcome them throwing flowers on them. Arjun takes Roja inside of his room even after deny to go. Anu complaints to Annapoorna that he is doing too much here infront of everyone what will they think about their family. Arjun hugs Roja and starts to romance with her she often reminding to him someone will come and see them in that position. Arjun replies to her let them come he don’t care.

Annapoorna blames Anu that she is doing this much for them but he is not enough matured to behave himself in public place. Anu smirks seeing them thinking that game gonna finish soon.

Manickam coming to mandap. Here Arjun says to Anu its quiet boring so let’s start new game? She replies to him she already started it. She says to him some guest coming to attend the function. Chandra, lekha, Sabari and Sanjay comes to the function and wished them. Kalpana and Balu ask them to dance. They gives an rocking performance to all.

Shenbagam reach Roja house seeing that house make her remind her blurry past. She is confuse by the sudden feelings raising inside her. She enquired to the neighbour where is everyone gate is locked here. He informs to her that today Arjun Roja wedding Anniversary so everyone is there. She moves to buy gift for them. She is selecting the gift happily but gift got exchanged.

Anu calls Manickam and ask about the certificate. He says to her nothing to worry he will reach the mandap soon. Anu advise to him not to reveal the truth soon because she wanna insult them the way he did to Manickam. He agrees with her and disconnect the call. Arjun ask to Anu who is on call? She lies to him that its her friends.

She invited them but didn’t reach yet here so she is checking where is them. Arjun says to her planning is too important. Anu smirks seeing him and says let’s see whose life gonna change in few minutes. Shenbagam entered into Mandap after her Manickam too.