Roja 6th April 2021 Written Update: Roja slaps Anu

Roja 6th April 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Roja shares the location to Arjun. Arjun assures to her that he will be there soon. Roja fears, something bad will happen to her father. Arjun informs to Kalpana that Manickam met with accident. Roja admitted him in hospital. Doctors are giving treatment to him. Arjun reaches to hospital. Roja cries infront of Arjun. Meanwhile Shenbagam is praying for Manickam. Arjun is consoling Roja. Roja shares to Arjun that destiny separated her from Manickam.

Now she learnt who is her father but destiny again trying to separate him from her. Arjun tries to console her. He assures to her that nothing will happen to him. We will take him with us while returning to home. Roja keeps crying there. Arjun tries his best to console her. Arjun enquires to doctor about Manickam’s health. He informs to Arjun that he is in critical state. Arjun gives confident to Roja by encouraging her. Annapoorna family reaches there and tries to enter in. Nurse lashes out at them for disturbing the patient.

Anu pretends like crying for Manickam. Annapoorna cries seeing his state. She adds that he is the only relative of “Anu”. Annapoorna asks Kalpana where is Arjun and Roja? Anu complaints that Manickam is fighting for his lives but Arjun and Roja are romancing with each other. Kalpana scolds her for provoking Annapoorna against Roja. Pratap too agrees with her. Annapoorna blames Arjun and Roja. Annapoorna questions them why did Roja crying like this?

Manickam is Anu’s father? Anu complaints that Roja done something to Manickam in anger. Roja scolds Anu for blaming her. Anu complaints that Roja may pushed down Manickam? Arjun supports Roja and says further she admitted him in hospital. Annapoorna blames that Manickam knew well to drive, So there is chances Roja’s hand behind his state. Arjun says that Shenbagam went missing because Manickam’s car met with accident. Annapoorna asks him to stop supporting Roja. Annapoorna shares to him that she is feeling bad for his state. May be Roja pushed him down.

Roja slaps Anu! Yasodha lashes out at Roja for it. Arjun says that Roja the one whom admitted Manickam in hospital? So she will react like this only! Annapoorna complaints that she heard him mentioning Roja’s name. She is damn sure that Roja done something to Manickam. Annapoorna adds that Anu already lossed her mother. Kalpana stops Annapoorna cursing Roja. She warns her that she will regret later when she comes to know the truth. Annapoorna asks Kalpana to say the truth? Anu gets alert and scolds Roja to divert all. Arjun asks them to stop shouting. If they do like this then doctor will kick them out. Shenbagam fears the worst will come seeing the heavy breeze. Roja cries seeing Manickam’s state.

Nurse informs to Arjun that Manickam lossed many blood. He needs blood immediately. Arjun asks Anu to give the blood reasoning Manickam is in serious state. Arjun says to her that Anu is also same group so she can donate blood. Roja calls Anu to donate blood to him. Anu lies that she is (Ab- )blood group. Annapoorna too agrees with it. Arjun says to them that they took blood test 20 years before so there is a chances Anu may be in Manickam’s blood group. Anu stands in her decision. Arjun complaints that she is not having Shenbagam’s blood group, reasoning Anu didn’t donate blood to Annapoorna.

Episode end.