Roja 6th February 2021 Written Update: Arjun’s smart move

Roja 6th February 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Anu asks Balu to mix soil in the food. Plumbers finished their work and takes their leave from there. Balu mix soil in the sambar rice then signal to Anu. Arjun brings peoples to house for annadhanam. Roja informs to him everything is ready to serve. She thanks everyone there whoever arrives there to eat the annadhanam and takes their blessings. Annapoorna teases Roja that all are slum people. if they bless her will her mom come to see her isn’t it funny?

Arjun plays the video to all where Anu threw the vegetables in dustbin and Balu mixing soil in the rice. Everyone get surprise seeing it. Arjun assures to the people that he removed the rice and Roja’s hand made rice he served for them. Arjun narrates to them that he gifted Yasodha one gold chain she too wore it but she is unaware of one truth that he fixed spy camera in that dollar. He saw everything through it.

When he comes to know about their plan he sends those plumbers to exchange the rice. He might thank Yasodha’s greed for a jewel or else he fails to help Roja today. He takes the camera from the chain and returns the chain to Yasodha by saying he doesn’t like to take the things which he gave to someone else. Roja asks the people to eat it. Arjun assures them that they can eat it without fear.

Arjun says to Annapoorna that she was supporting the wrong one always. Doesn’t she knew mixing soil in the Annadhanam is sin. He question her why did she encouraging them. Annapoorna clears with him that she don’t like Roja doing this Annadhanam but she has no idea that Anu will do such things to stop her. Arjun asks her to know about Anu’s real face. This is how she is often cheating her. He knew well that Anu manipulated her and made her clean the toilet. Annapoorna makes faces.

Arjun informs her that Anu is soon to be jailed for her deeds doesn’t try to protect her always. He bangs on Balu’s head. Arjun advises Anu that all criminals will get one chance to change and surrender to the police then they will get small punishment for it. After this much happens she still has time to accept her mistakes then none can help her from receiving punishment. Anu stares at him lethargically.

Arjun informs to all that they are actually not plumbers but police officers. He updates to Chandrakala madam whatever going on here live, so she send these police officers here to help him. They changed the rice and now they have all the evidence against Anu. They can arrest Anu with this evidence now. This is the time to punish her so he asks the constable to arrest Anu. Kalpana and Roja thinks its the correct decision.

Before they lay their fingers on Anu, Annapoorna slaps her back to back and scolds her. She pretends like advising her to change. Arjun smirks seeing the drama. Annapoorna requests him to leave her because she already slapped her it’s a big punishment to her. Arjun offers the one option that Anu wanna clean Roja’s toilet daily and make her room neat and tidy for 10 days or else he will ask the police to arrest her. Annapoorna questions him Anu is rich kid how will she do it? Arjun replies the sane way Roja did it. Anu agrees to do it and leaves from there angrily.

Episode end.