Roja 6th January 2021 Written Update: Arjun brings oxygen cylinders at the correct time

Roja 6th January 2021 Written Update on

Today’s episode starts with Roja is crying infront of Grandma and Grandpa. She apologise to them for ending up like this. Grandma says to her what will she do for it? Its all fate. We are worried for her health. She asks her how do she feeling now? She replies as ok. Grandpa says to her that he doubt that food was problem. After ate food only its all happened.

Fire accident happened unexpected we suffered to escape from there just think about kids state they may scared a lot. Arjun is coming to Hospital in cycle. Grandma says to her that doctor informs to them kids are normal now. Roja says to them that she came here to check them first she is going to check kids now. Shenbagam is doing treatment to kids. While going one nurse carelessly dirt her sarie. Doctor ask her to change it she nods and leaves from there just then Roja enters in with Pooja.

Roja checking the kids one by one. One little girl ask to Roja about her health. She replies to her as normal. Roja ask to Doctor about their health state? She replies that they are doing good now. Even Roja was serious just before so she is not allowed to walk like this. Little girl said Roja is having pure heart so nothing will happen to her. Roja smiles. Arjun reach hospital and says to Shankaran he brought the disel. He thank him for suffered like this.

He ask him to save those kids. He informs to him that current came they rescued all kids. Arjun rushed in happily to see Roja sitting there. He turns emotional and hugs Roja in happiness. He says to her that he knew well Roja can’t able to go anywhere without him. Roja assures to him that she will never leave him.

Balaji gets breathing trouble. Shankaran informs to Shenbagam that he need more oxygen but oxygen level is low now. We don’t have stock in our hands too. Shenbagam leaves to check it. Arjun and Roja comes there to check kids and find out Balaji state.Roja ask them to save the kid. Shankaran, Aswin and Arjun go to nearby hospital to get oxygen cylinder.

Shankaran informs to Arjun that hospital M.D is greedy man he needs only money he will do anything for it. Arjun talks with him polietly but he didn’t listen so he beaten him and take the cylinders with him. They saved the kid. Roja feels happy for it. Sakshi informs to Anu that Chandrakantha take charge on this case.

Episode end.