Roja 6th July 2021 Written Update: Arjun teases Annapoorna

Roja 6th July 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Shenbagam hides inside Arjun’s car dicky. Kalpana solves the issues and asks Arjun to get inside the car and start the car. Roja shares to Arjun that she scared to see him fighting with them. Kalpana questions him Is he wanna fight with them equally? Divya finishes talking in phone and finds Shenbagam is missing in car. She asks her goons to search for her. They informs to her that Shenbagam is nowhere to seen. Divya lashes out at them and says that they missed her. She says that they missed an good opportunity for their fight. Shenbagam raises her head to look outside where is she leaving.

Arjun is driving the car without noticing Shenbagam. But Divya notices her and alerts her goons to caught her. Divya asks her henchman to follow that car. Arjun notices that car is following them and alerts his mom. Kalpana says to him ignore them and drive faster. Shenbagam fears the worst. Arjun gets a phone call from Pratap. He asks him to buy the sugar tablet for him. He nods to him and disconnects the call. Divya scolds her henchman for missing Arjun’s car.

Arjun stops the car to buy the medicine leaving Roja inside the car. Shenbagam gets up slowly and finds someone is sitting in the car and gets down from it without Roja’s knowledge. Shenbagan stops the auto and gets inside it. She asks him to drop her in hospital. Arjun returns after buying the medicine. Anu checks the electric device fitted in the wall. Manager gives the remote to Anu and informs to her that she can press the remote to activate the device. If she press the second button then all door will be closed. Both will die in it in fire. Anu imagines it and smirks. She gives the amount to them. Annapoorna is selecting sarie in her house. Kalpana and Roja reaches there and doubts what’s going on there.

Annapoorna informs to Kalpana that they used to buy sarie from him for all functions. So she called him to buy sarie for Roja in this reception. Annapoorna asks Roja to select the sarie without hesitating. She adds that she wishes to buy something for Roja. Yasodha asks Roja to select the sarie Arjun won’t say anything. Arjun says that Roja don’t need this all he can able to buy costly sarie for Roja. Pratap asks Arjun to stop teasing Annapoorna reasoning she changed a lot after she understands Anu’s real face. Arjun question them where is Anu? Yasodha informs to him that she went to hospital. Arjun doubts that she don’t go alone. Arjun complaints that Annapoorna is pretending like changed he can’t able to trust her. Kalpana keeps supporting Annapoorna. Arjun stands in his decision and blamed Annapoorna is acting to trap them.

Annapoorna gets up angrily and pretending like talking with him emotionally. She says to him that she don’t participate in any good things till he understand her. She creates a scene there and blamed Roja changed Arjun. She emotionally manipulates Kalpana and tells her she won’t participate in this function.

Episode end.