Roja 6th March 2021 Written Update: Sakshi tries to kill Roja

Roja 6th March 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Sakshi saying to Divya that Priya must live in Arjun house pretends like Anu till last as Shenbagam’s daughter, that’s safety for Anu and Sakshi.

Divya says to Sakshi Is she real Shenbagam or Saraswathi? How will we find it out? Sakshi replies to her that Shenbagam is head ache to Anu. If she return to that house then everything will be collapse. Anu will go to jail in Bhaiyya ganesh murder case. If she is Saraswathi we can use her against them. We can asks her to go there and act like real Shenbagam. If she is honest to her then she can able to rule that house by using her.

Shenbagam listening to this. Here Annapoorna gets ready to go to hospital. Roja is praying to god. Annapoorna informs to Kalpana and leaves with Roja. After they left Yasodha comes there and enquires to Kalpana where are they? She informs to her that Roja takes her out.

Yasodha gets shock to hear that Annapoorna left with Roja. She informs to Anu about it. She replies to him that she waited for this moment. Arjun is surprise to hear the news. Anu dials to Sakshi and informs to her that Roja went out with Annapoorna. She asks her to finish Roja in hospital. Sakshi agrees with her. She asks Divya to send her goons. Shenbagam gets shock to hear it. She pretends like in uncoscious state. They leaves to the spot leaving her behind.

Shenbagam beats the goon and escapes from there. Roja and Annapoorna are going in auto. Driver excuses them and leaves from there. Annapoorna and Roja are waiting for another auto. Shenbagam coming in auto. Another side Arjun coming there. Sakshi reaches there and takes gun from the goon and trying to target Roja.

Shenbagam reaches to the spot and stare Roja there with Annapoorna. Shenbagam notices her mom and mentions her as mom. She feels elates to see them there. Sakshi is pointing gun at Roja. Shenbagam runs towards them. Shenbagam touches Roja’s face and mentions her as daughter. Annapoorna notices Shenbagam and feels happy to see her. Annapoorna notices her and hugs her in happiness.

Shebagam says to Roja she is her daughter. Annapoorna gets surprise to know it. Roja and Annapoorna hugs Shenbagam. Shenbagam dreamt this all. She notices they are still waiting for the auto. Sakshi is pointing gun at Roja from far. Shenbagam notices her and runs towards her. She pushes her away and rescues Roja. Goon beats on Shenbagam head. Roja and Annapoorna gets scared hearing gun sound. Sakshi again targets her but can’t able to shoot her due to crowd. Divya alerts Sakshi that Arjun came. Sakshi asks her goons to beat them.

Goons rushes towards them. Arjun holds Annapoorna and Roja’s hand and takes them near to car. Goons stops them and tries to attack them. Arjun fights with them and leaves from there along with Annapoorna and Roja. Shenbagam is in unconscious state.

Episode end.