Roja 6th May 2021 Written Update: Raja sings the lullaby in front of all which her mom taught her

Roja 6th May 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Arjun says to Anu that we can’t able to forget our childhood memories. Roja feels nervous and tries to recollect the memories of her mom. She reminds the lullaby which her mom sang for her in childhood days. Raja starts to sing it in front of all. Mabickam and Annapoorna feels emotional hearing it and reminds Shenbagam. Kalpana feels happy to hear it. Yasodha surprises how come Roja singing it? Raja imagines that Shenbagam singing it for her. Anu asks her to stop it all. Anu question Manickam doesn’t he understand this all? They are creating drama here to make them believe that she is not this house grand daughter. Annapoorna complaints that she asked her to sing it not them. Anu didn’t sing but Roja sang it correctly. Anu complaints that Kalpana gave the sarie to her and taught this song too. She saw it with her eyes that Kalpana teaching it to her. Kalpana deny it and promise to them she is lie she didn’t taught her anything. Anu says to them that she is leaving from this house. She don’t wanna stay here after this much happen.

Manickam stops Anu and asks her to stay here. Manickam questions Kalpana how could she give Shenbagam Sarie to Roja? Anu is his daughter. Kalpana says to him that she only gave sarie to her but didn’t taught her this song. Manickam says that none can able to remember this song even after 25 years. He is a lawyer so he can’t able to believe it all. Arjun says to him that doesn’t he hear Roja song yet? Doesn’t he think that Roja is resembling Shenbagam. Aswin says to him that Anu is cheating him. Manickam says to them that he would have believe Roja but when Roja sang this song he confirmed that Kalpana taught this song to Roja.

Manickam says to Annapoorna that he is taking Anu from here. He can’t able to believe Kalpana anymore. Annapoorna says to him that she was confused by it all. Let’s Anu stay here. Arjun says to him its good Anu staying here that’s good for his safety. Manickam asks Arjun to stop poking head in Anu matter. He says to him that he can’t able to stop interrupting in Ganesh murder case. He will prove it in court that Anu linked in this case. Manickam leaves from there not eating anything.

Manickam is thinking about the incident while travelling in car. He notices Anu talking with Sakshi and gets down from car. Anu says to Sakshi that something going to bad happen to them. She can able to feel it. Sakshi informs to her that she was over imagine. Anu informs to her that Roja stopped the rituals in middle. She says to her that Roja has no idea that Shenbagam is alive. Sakshi says to her that they can’t able to find out that Shenbagam is alive. Anu says to her that she fears to get caught. Sakshi assures to her that they will win the case in court this time too. Sakshi alerts her by saying Manickam watching them. Anu asks her to leave from there.

Manickam question Anu who is she? Is she Anu or Priya? Is she talk with this girl then he has no option then believing Arjun is saying the truth. He questions her again Is she Anu or Priya? Anu lies to him that she came to temple. Sakshi bring her here to talk with her. She asked her to give statement favour to her. Manickam says to her that she will be caught if she lies for her. Manickam asks her to come with him to take DNA test. She stops him and says to him that he was suspecting her. He may confused with all incidents. Manickam says to her that it’s for her safety. He wants to prove it to court that she was his daughter. Anu questions him Isn’t he taking Roja DNA test. He says to her if he proves her as his daughter then there is no need to take her DNA test.

Anu threatens him that she will come with him to take the DNA test. But she will leave him the next second when the result come positive to him. She will kill herself after it. Manickam questions her why should she die? She informs to him that Arjun tries to prove to all that Roja is his daughter. Didn’t she proved to him that she is his daughter through DNA test. What’s the need to take another one? She indirectly threatening him to kill herself if he force her to take the DNA test.

Manickam says to her that he said this for her good. He says to her that he never thought that she loves him this much. Anu says to him that he can see her picture in photo like her mom. Manickam deny it and says to her that he just call her to support her. Anu asks him to trust her. Manickam says to her that he will teach her how to behave in court. Annapoorna stares Shenbagam photo and reminds the incidents. Kalpana comes there to talk with her. Raja comes there to give milk to her.

Episode end.