Roja 6th October 2020 Written Update: Anu’s evil plan

Roja 6th October 2020 Written Update on

Today episode starts with Arjun checking his mobile Roja is busy in talking with her friends there, Shenbagam is in store talking in mobile so she didn’t notice the gift packing even the owner is busy in talking in mobile both didn’t notice the gift and exchanged because of same wrapped color.

Shenbagam wrote in it as ” To my dearest daughter Roja”. Then leaves to Mandap. Naveen comes to Jim and opened the locker. He checks the cover and informs to Arjun report is safe in his hand. Arjun asks him to take it to mandap on time. They must kick her out today at any cost showing it to everyone.

Priest ask Kalpana to take Groom and Bride to temple soon and comes after worshipping god. She nods and ask everyone to go to temple. Annapoorna refuce to go with them reasoning she will accompany them if it is Anu marriage but its Roja wedding anniversary why should she accompany them for her.

Arjun says in strict tone to Anu she must take Annapoorna to the temple. Anu convinces Annapoorna somehow and taking her with them. He leaves holding Roja hand she supports Annapoorna reasoning she is aged why should they disturb her. Arjun explains to her that they must keep an eye on Anu or else she will plan something else.

Manickam reach the mandap with the document and wait for them to return in front row. Even Shenbagam comes there with gift she is waiting to meet Roja. Manickam is sitting just opposite to her both didn’t meet each other. She gets an important call from nurse she informs to her that they needs her presense in labour room the case is very difficult. She decided to go back but she is unhappy for not meeting Roja so she place the gift along with other gifts and leaves from there.

Everyone return to mandap from temple. Anu rushed to Manickam seeing him there. Annapoorna praise him for attending the function after so much happened. Arjun informs to Roja something is fishy here because he voluntarily came here he won’t do such things without reason. Kalpana provoke Arjun to appologize to him. He mentioned him as uncle. Manickam replies in sarcasm way does he even know the value of relationship. He will stay here and correct all things he says in irony.

Naveen reach the mandap and forward the report to Arjun. He ask him to keep it safe with him without checking it once. Anu saw it and got doubt. She informs this news to Sakshi. She ask her to calm down nothing went wrong here. Naveen is an idiot he didn’t checked the report thoroughly he just bring the cover only inside it the namam is inside it so nothing to worry. If something goes wrong inform to her. She gives an idea to Anu

Anu goes to Arjun and Roja room.he is busy in eating snacks Roja giving faces to her. Anu pretends like pleading to Arjun to leave her. Arjun and Anu making fun of her she keep acting infront of them scared of their move to reveal her identity in front of all. Suddenly she starts to laugh a lot and says his jim password to her making them shock to the core.