Roja 7th April 2021 Written Update: Roja prays for Manickam’s recovery

Roja 7th April 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Arjun says to Anu it’s not time to think about her prestige. Arjun says to her that she is not same blood group of Annapoorna. That’s why she didn’t give blood to Annapoorna. Roja gave blood to her on that day, because she is real grand daughter. Balu says that he will go and collect blood from another hospital. Roja mentions Manickam as Father. Annapoorna says that Roja shouldn’t mention him as Father. If she mention him as father then Anu will be hurt. Arjun says that Roja admitted him in hospital. She gave her jewels to pay the bill.

Just think about it Whether Anu resembling Shenbagam or Roja. Roja says to him it’s not time to argue with each other instead do something to save Manickam. Arjun says to her that he has same blood group he will donate blood for him. Roja thank him. Kalpana asks Arjun to save Manickam. Arjun donates blood to Manickam. Roja thank him for helping her father. Arjun says to her that nothing is important to him then her. He will do anything for Roja’s happiness. Arjun wishes to see Manickam showing little care on Roja.

Pooja is showing all places to her soon to be husband. He is enjoying her company. She is teasing him but he didn’t understand her intention. Aswin and Bujji comes there. Aswin teases him for standing close with Pooja. He says to Aswin that he is her cousin so he will do anything. He says to Aswin that he wants to speak alone. Aswin asks him to go and speak alone. He clears with him that he wants to speak with Pooja alone. Bujji is also teasing him along with Aswin. He says to him that he is his uncle then why is he treating him in this way? Aswin says to Bujji he is going to clean the room. Bujji assures to him that he will take care of Pooja. He starts to checking the room. Aswin poures water on floor. He slips in it. He scolds Aswin and says that he don’t like him at all. He about to complaint to Purushothaman. Pooja pretends like supporting him and scolds Aswin fakely. Roja prays god to save her father.

Meanwhile Shenbagam is also praying another side. Kalpana says to Arjun that he donated blood in empty stomach. She asks him to take something to eat. He deny it. Roja is keep praying to god. Annapoorna is keep staring Roja. Anu prays god to help her keep acting like this. She thinks if Manickam dies then she will never get any jewels and property on her birthday party. Annapoorna consoles Anu and asks her to stop crying. Anu thinks that Yasodha is supporting her on correct time. Anu says to Annapoorna that Arjun is keep complaining that she is not real daughter of Manickam.

Balu asks Anu to ignore him. Anu says that Arjun wanna see Roja replacing her place. Arjun sighs hearing it. Annapoorna says that Arjun is not doing anything but Roja is provoking him. Anu says to Annapoorna let’s register all properties on Roja’s name. She just need Manickam. Annapoorna assures to her that she will kick Roja out of the house soon. If she delay it then Roja will sit on her head. Arjun questions Annapoorna why is Anu crying like this? Arjun asks Annapoorna to find who is orginal. He will prove everything on Roja’s birthday.

Annapoorna says it’s Anu’s birthday not Roja. Arjun says that he gave up in many things thinking about their family. He says that he will put a full stop to everything. Doctor comes there and informs to all that Manickam is still in danger situation. Doctor praises Roja for admitting Manickam on correct time. He says further Roja prays for him. They admitted Manickam after she plead with him. Annapoorna stares her. Roja is holds Manickam hand and cries. Anu enters in and says to Roja that she doubt will he come back to alive or not? Roja glares her.

Episode end.