Roja 7th July 2021 Written Update: Arjun’s fitting reply to grandma

Roja 7th July 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Annapoorna emotionally says to everyone in their family she don’t know whether she will see her heir or not? Balu asks her to stop talking like this she has everything in this family. Arjun teases him while mentioning about his parents are staying in old age home neither he is not going to meet then nor Annapoorna asking him to go. Annapoorna complaints that Arjun is changing the topic.

Arjun says that she complaints that none are good in this generation. Roja is working over night to save Balu’s parents doesn’t she a good character hoe could she say none are good in this generation. Annapoorna complaints that she already changed and believing Roja. He is the one not trusting her. She stands adamant to stay hunger strike till Arjun believes her. Kalpana asks her to do it. Annapoorna shows the jewels to him and says she brought it for Roja she will look good in it.

Arjun comes to an point and says Roja will wear this jewels but he will pay the amount for it reasoning he wishes to see his wife only using his Money. He asks Annapoorna to save the money and gifts something to her grand daughter. Annapoorna thinks that Arjun is sharp. Annapoorna says to them that she saved money for Roja when he is believing her she will spend it for her. Kalpana asks Roja to choose her favourite color sarie. Annapoorna pretending like pouring out love on Roja and smirks inside. Annapoorna asks Sumathi to choose one sarie for her also. Roja and Kalpana too forces Sumathi to take sarie.

Annapoorna thinks that she wanna act a lot to make them believe she is changed. Annapoorna gets happy to hear the trap set by Anu for Roja. Annapoorna warns her again only Roja should die in that fire not Arjun. She reminds her that she loves her grandson Arjun she can’t able to bear if anything happens to him. Anu assures to her fakely nothing will happen to him. Roja dreamt to celebrate her first night but it gonna be her last night.

Annapoorna alerts her that everyone will suspect her if something happen to them. Annapoorna says to her they shouldn’t do like this so she asks her to apologies to Roja in order to escape from their suspecting list. Annapoorna tries to convince her and asks her to mingle with them fakely to destroy them. Roja dreaming like dancing with Arjun for a romantic song.

Roja dream gets disturbs hearing Anu’s voice. Roja questions her Is she lost her way? She came to her house in her name and now entering into her room what’s the matter. Anu says to Roja that she done many mistakes its time to apologies. She got many tortures in jail from Sakshi. Anu asks Roja to forgive her then only Arjun will forgive her. Roja says that she didn’t get all the punishment yet. She came out in bail soon she will go back to jail. Anu asks her to forgive her then only she can able to stay in this house. Roja questions her Is she trying to live here again? Roja says that she is apologies to her in this four-wall it not gonna change her sin.

Roja asks her to accept her greed and mistakes. Roja tells her that she used the evidence of her and enters into this house as Shenbagam’s daughter. She tried many time to kill her also. If she agree to this then she will think about forgiveness. Anu laughs at her and says she won’t do that she done this all but she had no evidence against her. Raja pulls her and slaps her. Anu takes rod to beat Roja but Arjun stops her.

Episode end.