Roja 7th May 2021 Written Update: Annapoorna feels emotional

Roja 7th May 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Annapoorna is staring her daughter photo. Kalpana comes there and takes it from her hand. She questions her what happened? She knew well what’s running on her mind? All years she was beside her so she knew well about her all moves. But she is not well today. Annapoorna informs to her that today Shenbagam thoughts are haunting her a lot. It’s hell when our kids died before them. Our souls will be happy if our kids cries near their dead body but it’s hell if it happen opposite to it.

Annapoorna says that she lost her daughter. She didn’t love her daughter that’s why she is still alive after her daughter left her. Kalpana says to her nothing like that. She cared alot Shenbagam. It’s our destiny which separated her from there. Kalpana says to her that she may be alive like Roja said. They didn’t get Shenbagam dead body yet so there is chances to be her alive. Didn’t she got her grand daughter after 20 years. So she will be back one day too. Roja comes there taking milk for Annapoorna. Annapoorna gets illusion that Shenbagam giving milk to her.

Raja says to her that she added turmeric in milk. It will help her to kill virus. Annapoorna reminds Shenbagam. Kalpana says to her that Roja is resembling Shenbagam. Doesn’t her eyes similar to Shenbagam. Roja has pure hearts, she don’t know to lie. Annapoorna asks them to leave her alone reasoning she is confused.she asks Kalpana to take her from here. Roja asks her to leave tension and drink this milk. Kalpana says to her that what did Anu done today? She came to temple and went to sleep. Kalpana asks her to realize her own blood.

Annapoorna holds Roja and mentions her as Shenbagam. Roja places head set to her and asks her to listen the song then she will get a good sleep. She reminds Shenbagam. Annapoorna shares her past with Kalpana and compares Roja with Shenbagam. Roja is folding the clothes. Arjun hugs her. Roja alerts him that Anu is hearing. Arjun says to her that he is damn sure she is listening to them. Arjun says to her that Manickam only reacted to her not Annapoorna. She adds that she felt emotional yesterday. Arjun says to her that Annapoorna starts to believe that Shenbagam is alive now.

Arjun says to Roja that he knew well she is real daughter. Anu pretending like real daughter so she will definitely get punishment from court. But he wants to punish her before that for betraying them. He asks her to share her wish. Roja says to him that god will punish her. Arjun says that god is busy. Arjun adds that she used to stare her nails often he will pluck it out. Roja asks him to leave her. Arjun deny it and says to her let’s spray chilli powder in Anu eyes. Roja deny it. Arjun says that its sin to forgive the culprit. Arjun praises Roja and hugs her. He dials to his own number. He pretends like talking with Chandrakantha. He thank Chandrakantha for collecting all evidence against Anu. So Anu the one whom killed Ganesh right? Arjun pretends like sharing this information to Roja. He adds that Anu lost her support in this house. Annapoorna starts doubts Anu.

If Roja forgive her also court will never forgive her. Because he collected all evidence against Anu. Arjun hides the mike and says to Roja that Anu listened their conversation. It’s a trick to create fear in enemy heart. Manickam is waiting for Anu in restaurant. Anu comes there and questioning him why did he called her to come here? Manickam informs to her that tomorrow is hearing of Ganesh murder case. Tomorrow may be climax. He adds that Arjun is very strong in this case. Even Shanthamoorthy is ready to give statement against her.

Episode end.