Roja 7th October 2020 Written Update: Arjun plans backfired

Roja 7th October 2020 Written Update on

Today episode starts with Anu starts to laugh like hell seeing Arjun and says to him he is big criminal for namesake but doesn’t know to give a safe password to a locker in Gym. Why did you kept Roja numerology number as a password. 5711 she says laughing. Roja and Arjun shock to hear it.

He called Naveen to come here. He comes there Arjun asks him to give the report to him. He gives that to him Arjun opens it and shocks to see Namam inside it. Anu starts to laugh seeing his condition. Arjun and Roja shocked to the core. Naveen says to him that he brings that cover safely then how comes its got switched. Kalpana comes there and asks Anu why didn’t she bring Roja and Arjun to mandap when she herself arranging it all.

Anu replies to her that she is planning to start a new game. She reminds her to bring them to the stage soon. Anu nods in a fake smile and congratulates Arjun. He glares her back. After she left from there Arjun informs to Roja that he is going out for a moment to take an original copy from the mobile so she might manage everyone alone till he comes back.

Roja hesitates first and agrees with him. Arjun left the room and stare at Anu there smirking at him. He glares her and leaves from there to take Xerox copy. Sakshi’s goons were already waiting for Arjun.

Arjun reaches the shop and taking xerox they followed him there. They snatched the report and mobile from him then starts to run away. Arjun keeps chasing them behind, two of them block him he pushed them away and starts following them. They entered into gowdown and surrounded him Arjun fought with them, they pushed him down and again ran from there.

Arjun follows them again and beat him one of the goon break his phone another one tore the report and ran from there. Arjun stamps his feet in frustration. Sakshi calls to Arjun while coming back to Mandap and tease him through the call he may be upset for whatever happened. She says to him that she might help Anu because her life also ties with her.

She again mocks him by saying he is trying a lot to prove Anu is not his family. Even Sakshi knew that she is not a part of this family then how come they are believing it. She says to him that she stole the report from his Gym locker and tore the duplicate certificate in the hospital too but he can’t able to do anything by saying this she disconnects the call.

Arjun reaches the mandap and informs to Roja about whatever happened. They were in stage one by one gifting to the couple they got a blessing from Kalpana and Pratap. Annapoorna refuses to bless them. Anu provokes Manickam to reveal the truth to everyone he asks her to go he will do it in apt time.

One old man praised the couple with Thirukkural. Manickam starts to clap to get everyone’s attention there. He moves to the stage and starts to badmouth on Arjun and Roja. Crowds start to gossip there. Arju and Roja staring at him not understanding anything. Kalpana says to him don’t insult her kids. Manickam replies to her that Arjun is her son that’s why his mistakes were hiding her eyes.

He is cheating everyone here even his parents in the name of marriage. He doesn’t deserve to celebrate this Anniversary function. Anu smirks seeing them. Kalpana asks him to make it clear to them she is not understanding anything. Manickam replies to her that Arjun’s life is a full lie he is a cheater.