Roja 8th April 2021 Written Update : Shenbagam prays for Manickam’s recovery

Roja 8th April 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Roja cries seeing Manickam’s state. Anu teases his state. Roja says to her that Manickam will be alright. Anu says that Manickam is her dad. Roja is trying to snatch her properties from her. Anu asks Roja to leave from here orelse she will call Annapoorna here. Roja says to her calm down. She will leave after Manickam will be alright. Anu creates scene there. Roja shows black and blue to Anu. Roja wipes her sweat and asks her to hide this matter from everyone. If she says it to all, then its will be shame to her. Roja asks her to shut her mouth instead of creating scene.

Anu complaints to Arjun that Roja beaten her. He says to her that he liked it. If she shares to everyone then they won’t give respect to her. Annapoorna enters inside, so Anu pretends like crying. Everyone cries seeing Manickam’s state. Arjun asks everyone to leave from here orelse Doctor will scold them. Anu says to them that she won’t leave. Roja too says the same. Annapoorna scolds Roja for mentioning Manickam as ‘Father’. Arjun teases her. Annapoorna complaints that Arjun is teasing her in hospital. Arjun says that he said for her good. Anu stands adamant that she won’t leave.

Arjun says indirectly that Roja can give secret treatment to Anu. She reminds how did Roja beaten her. Anu gets scared and agrees to leave. Arjun asks Roja to leave with them. He assures to Roja that he will take care of him. Arjun sits beside Manickam. Meanwhile Shenbagam is praying for Manickam’s health. Amuthanayaki comes there to check her. Shenbagam cries infront of her and shares her grief to her. She asks Amuthanayaki to save her relations from danger. Amuthanayaki hugs Shenbagam in consoling way. She advises to Shenbagam and alerts her that her husband is fighting for his breath.

Shenbagam asks her to help him. She says to her that she wishes to meet her husband and relatives. She lived like an orphan these many years. She pleads her to reveal her identity! Amuthanayaki informs to her that she has certain limits. If she reveal the truth then god will take another decision. Everything will be sort out soon. Shenbagam says to her that she wants to meet them. Amuthanayaki says to her that she can’t able to meet them if she reveal it too. Destiny wants to allow her to do it. Shenbagam asks Amuthanayaki to say their direction atleast. She gives a hint to her.

Amuthanayaki says to Shenbagam that when time comes, she will go and meet him. Roja prays to Shenbagam. She shares the accident matter to her. She feels emotional while thinking about Manickam hate towards her. She asks her to save Manickam. Everyone comes there and notices Roja. Anu says to Yasodha that Roja is doing drama to get sympathy from Kalpana. Anu brings Annapoorna there. She lashes out at Roja for praying to Shenbagam. Anu, Balu and Yasodha are provoking Annapoorna against Roja. They mentions Roja as ‘greedy’ person. She trapped Arjun for money. Now she is doing this drama to get Manickam’s properties. Pratap stops Annapoorna badmouthing Roja. Roja says to Annapoorna that she don’t need this money but Manickam wants to accept her. She complaints that Roja is behaving weird. Kalpana asks Annapoorna to stop this all. Arjun will leave this house if he comes to know it all. Annapoorna complaints that Kalpana thinking that she is creating problem. She adds that Kalpana giving more importance to this Roja then her.

Episode end.